10 Best-Selling Toys From Amazon That Every Child Would Love to Have

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Objects in the shape of people and animals, which may have been toys, were found from around 2600 B.C. Many experts agree that play is a vital part of children’s learning—it is good for their language, emotional, and social development.

Bright Side has chosen a variety of toys that sell best and are adored by customers.

1. Let your daughter have her own fairy tale right at home! You can start with this beautiful princess.

Buy the doll on Amazon now

  • You can choose any Disney princess
  • Comes with a skirt, shoes, and tiara
  • Suitable from 3 years of age

Promising review:

This was gifted to a little girl who is just starting to enjoy Disney and dolls, so it was an ideal gift. She loved the item and started playing with it straight away. Be aware of some small parts, i.e. shoes, if you have younger children. This was the best price I found online. — Chloe

2. This penguin will make your child’s time in the bath as exciting as going out with friends.

Buy the swimming penguin on Amazon now

  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Suitable from 9 months of age
  • Easy for little hands to grasp

Promising review:

Great value for money. My little girl loves it in the bath and also just plays with it the rest of the time too. — Nutty08

3. A song and audiobook player that comes with the toy and will replace a TV or phone!

Buy the player with a princess on Amazon now

  • Will start playing after installing the toy on top of the player
  • The toy has no sharp edges and is durable
  • The player runs for 31 minutes

Promising review:

My daughter absolutely loved this new addition to her tonie collection, and I often hear her up in her bedroom singing along to the songs at the top of her voice. They know it is so easy to use and she can change it whenever she wants. As with most little girls aged four, she is obsessed with everything Elsa, so she truly loved this. As well as singing, it also tells a story. Win win!— Cmrobsocb

4. Colorful eggs will be able to diversify the child’s playing time with hide and seek, shape sorting, color matching, and more!

Buy the eggs set on Amazon now

  • Eggs fall and crack just like in real life, but without the mess
  • Chickadees make a chirping sound
  • Comes with 4 different eggs and brightly colored spoons with individual faces

Promising review:

My daughter loves these eggs. They are a massive hit and easy to carry around due to the case. A nice, simple toy that brings a lot of joy. She loves trying to put the shells in things and then things inside the shells, and the squeaky egg amuses her. — Adalaide

5. With this tea party set, you can begin to instill good manners in your baby as early as a 1.5-years-old.

Buy the tea set on Amazon now

  • It contains a player with 30 songs
  • Could be a puzzle game where the five “treats” need to be placed in a shape on the tray
  • It includes three levels of learning with different sounds and phrases, so the set will come in handy while your child is growing up!

Promising review:

I bought this for my 1 year old niece and she wanted it out of the box as soon as she saw it. It’s lovely and colorful and the teapot lights up and talks and makes sounds. It’s brilliant for pretend play and moves up in stages with their ages. It’s beautifully made and really sturdy. — isabelle

6. Introduce your child to a new faithful friend, Duck, which will bring more activity into your life!

Buy the duck on Amazon now

  • Perfect for encouraging first steps!
  • Made of eco-friendly wood
  • Suitable for 1 year old and up

Promising review:

I purchased this for my niece. It’s great for toddlers just starting to walk. Also makes a lovely ornament. — olivia l harwood

7. This soft and talkative puppy will always find time to amuse your baby!

Buy the soft toy on Amazon now

  • Plays over 100 words and 75 songs
  • Hands, paws, ears, and a glowing heart respond to touch
  • Suitable for ages 6 months and up

Promising review:

Excellent Fisher-Price baby toy bought for my 6 month old grandson. He loves the sounds it makes and it can be used when he is older as well, so excellent value for money. — Mark Badman

8. A game of composing words from wooden letters, which even adults will find very fun to play!

Buy the word game on Amazon now

  • For the whole family of two to six players
  • An educational game that doesn’t require a pencil, paper, or board
  • Suitable for ages 7 and up

Promising review:

It is such a simple game that allows adults and children to play at the same time. As the aim of the game is to make lots of words quickly rather than win points for long or complex words, anyone can win. This is a staple game to chuck in a bag wherever we go.— TheRockstar

9. This cute girl will be a true friend to your child and will always be nearby day and night.

Buy the soft doll on Amazon now

  • A huge selection of different types of dolls
  • Ideal for playing or cuddling while sleeping
  • Size 38 cm and weighs approximately 0.4 pounds

Promising review:

This doll arrives in some plastic packaging with tags on and a cute gift bag that she can be put into before gifting.
I bought the one with the pink flowery dress for my 2 year old as a present for Valentine’s Day and she was over the moon. It’s the first doll she’s ever wanted to take to bed with her and has every night since she opened it.
It’s a nice big size, absolutely adorable, soft, with no sharp or hard bits. The quality is great. My daughter and I loved this so much, she got the yellow one for her birthday too! I absolutely recommend it.Hazel Burt

10. Create the magical atmosphere of Harry Potter with these figures of the main characters!

Buy the mini toys on Amazon now

  • You can choose from three sets with two figures
  • They can move — turn their heads, swing their arms, and make them sit
  • Includes: 2 figures, 1 creature, 1 accessory

Promising review:

This was bought as a birthday present, and I hoped it would be nice as the price seemed low. It arrived quickly and I wasn’t disappointed. The three figures are painted clearly and are sturdy. The box was as pictured. The figures are small, but that is what we expected. — Jac M

What is the most helpful advice you have ever been given as a parent? What is your favorite toy or game today?

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