10 Disney-Inspired Items From Amazon That Make Our Favorite Cartoons Come Alive

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Disney movies and cartoons have so much charm that, for many of us, it’s simply impossible to not re-watch our favorite ones now and then. And you can find a bunch of items inspired by your favorite characters on Amazon right now. We found 10 Disney-inspired items on Amazon that both kids and adults will fall in love with, and you can probably find a nice Christmas gift for yourself or your loved ones on the list.

1. If you’ve ever watched Beauty and the Beast, you probably remember the cute little character named Chip, that this mug was inspired by. It is made with great attention to detail. For example, it has Chip’s instantly recognizable features, including the chip that gives the character its name and extra charm. This mug can become a favorite item in a Disney fan’s collection. Apart from looking cute, this mug is functional, and you can actually drink from it.

The mug is made from durable materials and is dishwasher-safe.

Promising review: Bought as a gift to replace a much-loved keepsake. The item came as described in excellent condition and very quickly. Not sure how practical the item is, but my partner’s daughter (16 y.o.), who is a massive Disney fan, was thrilled. Overall, a high-quality item that I imagine would be perfect for any fan. @J. Thomson

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2. This rose in a transparent dome was inspired by the same cartoon. LED lights make it a perfect home decoration that creates a romantic atmosphere when the lights go down. Unlike the flower in the cartoon, this rose will never lose its petals, and you can admire its beauty for as long as you want.

The item is powered by 3 AAA batteries (they are not included in the package).

Promising review: This lamp is beautiful. It arrives in a lovely pink presentation box with lovely braided handles that make it a stunning present to give someone. Inside, the lamp is carefully packaged in a strong molded polystyrene casing. My lamp arrived with no damage or defects. The lamp is made of a glass dome on a black plastic base, it is delicate but feels well-made. Inside, the golden rose has delicate petals and is weaved with lights. When you turn on the lamp, you are dazzled by how beautiful this light is, the lights are multicolored, and the light bounces off the delicate flowers and reflects on the glass dome. This lamp truly is beautiful. There is a beautiful effect that also reflects onto the wall behind, which gives a warm, cozy feel to the room. I think this is a great value lamp that is a perfect gift for a loved one or just for yourself, the quality is fantastic, and I would highly recommend it. @Darren

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3. Charismatic Lumiere is another character from Beauty and the Beast that stole our hearts, and now you can buy this lamp and “invite” Lumiere into your house. The moment Lumiere turns on its lights, it seems that the fairy tale comes alive, and you almost expect Belle and the Beast to enter the room dancing.

Happy customers just can’t get enough of this charming footman in their homes:

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4. Inspired by Frozen, this pop-up night light can become your kid’s companion at night if they’re afraid of the dark or need a light to go to the bathroom. At first sight, it’s a small snowball, but when you pull it open, you’ll see the Frozen characters (Anna, Elsa, and Olaf) inside. The light is powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included in the package).

The light has 2 brightness settings and a handle for hanging and carrying.

Promising review: We got it for my 4-year-old to use at nighttime to help her get from her room to the bathroom. The Frozen characters are printed on material that folds away into the nightlight. It has 2 settings, press the button for the first setting, which is a dim light but still enough to see. Press the button again for a brighter light. The bottom of it is flat, so it can be placed on a surface. The only thing my daughter might struggle with in the middle of the night when she’s groggy, is opening it if she wants to. Really not a big deal, though. I think this lantern will be handy and easy for her to take to the bathroom. @Pink Cloud

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

5. And here’s another night light inspired by the charming Olaf. It can become a perfect soothing light for a child or can be put onto a table or bookshelf for creating a festive mood. The high-quality design of this light is pretty detailed too, just take a look at those buttons, twigs, and that carrot nose!

The light is powered by AAA batteries that are not included in the package.

Promising review: Great little nightlight for my 2-year-old, who has recently gotten into Frozen and Olaf in particular. Didn’t light up the room, obviously, but just a gentle glow. Batteries have been in 3 weeks now, and it’s on overnight every night. @lmw

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

6. Christmas is coming, and it’s time to think over the Christmas tree decorations. If you’re a fan of Disney cartoons, take a look at this Beauty and the Beast Christmas tree decoration. Made from resin, this ornament is handmade and hand-painted, which will add some extra charm to your Christmas tree.

The ornament comes in a branded gift box.

Promising review: I buy a hanging ornament as a part of my daughter’s Christmas every year.
This item was amazing, the craftsmanship was pure quality. My daughter was over the moon with it. She has a collection of them, this is her favorite one so far. Great price, great quality and craftsmanship. Speedy delivery. I’m very impressed with this item. Highly recommended. @Ronnie

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

7. With this projector alarm clock inspired by Frozen, there is almost no chance that you’ll oversleep. Anna and Elsa figurines and a scene from the cartoon in the background will immerse your kid in the story. This alarm clock projects the time onto the ceiling, and it also has sound effects.

The item has a digital time display on the LCD screen and a “snooze” function.

Promising review: I bought this for my 8-year-old niece, and my sister said she loves it so much she carries it with her around the house when she wakes up. @sara Thompson

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

8. There is an avalanche of cartoon-inspired costumes for kids on the market, but finding the right shoes can sometimes be difficult. If your kid is a fan of Disney princesses, take a closer look at this fantastic pair of princess shoes. Inspired by Anna and Elsa from Frozen, these sparkling little shoes look incredible!

These princess shoes feature a comfortable and durable sole and a small, manageable heel that makes running around easy.

Promising review: We ordered these for our daughter’s 4th birthday to go with her new Elsa dress. It’s not her birthday yet, but I know she’ll love them. Each shoe came in a lovely bag inside an “Elsa and Anna” shoebox. I was really impressed with the packaging, considering the price. @Amazon Customer

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

9. Hamm from Toy Story inspired this cute piggy bank that can become a good gift for kids, encouraging them to save pocket money. There’s no need to break this piggy to get the coins out. You can simply remove the head or twist the bottom cap!

The item is made of non-toxic materials.

Promising review: Great Hamm piggy bank can be used as a toy or a money box since it is plastic. My son really likes it! It’s a nice color and much bigger than the previous one someone bought for him, which was tiny and a bit disappointing. This ticks all of the boxes! @D. L. Jobson

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10. This Lion King-inspired mug can work wonders! Just pour your favorite hot drink inside the black mug, and you’ll see a scene from the cartoon appear on it. This heat-sensitive ceramic mug can surprise even those who have many different mugs in their collection.

Promising reviews: Does just what it says it will do. As soon as you put the hot water in, the picture appears. My brother loves it. @Kaylee

This was bought for my friend, but I was tempted to keep it for myself! It is a lovely mug. @Charlotte Harber

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Which Disney cartoons are your favorite and why?

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