The 10 Facts About Daniel Craig That Made Us Admire Him Even More Than His Role as James Bond

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With his undeniable charisma, dashing good looks, and powerful acting skills, we understand why Daniel Craig has been the perfect choice to portray the iconic James Bond for over 15 years now. And the 54-year-old actor’s real personality and views on life aren’t any less fascinating than that of 007. In fact, even though the A-lister is an enigma and insists on leading a private life, the things we know about him are enough to make us get attached to him all the more.

Bright Side admires the man behind this beloved character. We want to share 10 things about Daniel Craig that prove the ’’perfect man’’ may actually exist after all.

He has a heart of gold.

The list of charities that Daniel Craig supports is very long. In fact, the successful actor devotes large sums of his money and time to support various causes close to his heart, whether they are big organizations or on a smaller scale. For example, it was reported that he donated $10,000 last year to 3 fathers who set out on a 300-mile walk to raise funds for a charity.

4 people attended his wedding.

Charles Sykes/Invision/AP/East News

In 2011, Craig married actress Rachel Weisz, and their union seems like a match made in Hollywood heaven. Yet the 2 stars lead a life far from all the excess and glamour that one would imagine. In fact, their wedding was the most intimate affair ever.

The couple said their ’’I dos’’ in New York with only 4 guests in attendance — and 2 of them were their kids from previous marriages: Craig’s then 18-year-old daughter, Ella, and Weisz’s 4-year-old son, Henry.

He leads a low-key life.

Getty Images/AFP/EAST NEWS

Just like their quiet wedding, the couple is very low-key in their everyday life. In fact, Weisz and Craig are known to be “one of the most private couples in Hollywood.” Little is known about their personal life in the media, however, they are very supportive of each other’s work, as Weisz noted, “We respect each other. We appreciate each other’s work.”

So it seems that the pair leads the perfect cozy life, and it was reported that they enjoy doing regular activities just like the rest of us. An insider said, ’’The 2 love talking about books and poetry, and apparently, they love cooking together.’’

He’s a hands-on dad.


At 50, Craig became a dad for the second time after welcoming a daughter with his wife. It was reported that the James Bond star “wants to be a hands-on dad” and is committed to devoting his energy and time to raising his newborn instead of leaving her to the care of nannies. The doting dad was also spotted on the street wearing a papoose carrier.

He almost turned down the role of James Bond.


Needless to say that landing the highly coveted and iconic role of James Bond is something that the majority of Hollywood actors dream of, yet the actor explained that he was hesitant to accept this challenge, saying, “I didn’t want to do it.”

He noted that the previous Bond actors, such as Pierce Brosnan or Roger Moore, had already played roles, which proved that they could embody James Bond. On the other hand, he admitted, “I had done weird arty movies. [...] I thought I wouldn’t know what to do with it.” Luckily, the producers of the franchise believed in him and insisted that he would be the perfect Bond, and were eventually able to change his mind.

He refused to dye his hair.

Kiera Fyles, PacificCoastNews/EAST NEWS

Despite being constantly pressured from the directors, the actor categorically refused to turn his blond hair brown, stating that it was “out of the question.” He added, “I suggested instead that I could cut my hair really short to create a more brutal appearance.” This makes Craig the first and only blond Bond to this date.

And years later, as his hair started to gray, the actor, again, had put his foot down and insisted that 007 would grow old gracefully without dying his gray hair.

He’s a great kisser.


Before taking on the iconic role of 007, Craig acted in the 2001 action film, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, opposite Angelina Jolie. And the actress who has undoubtedly starred opposite many dashing men in Hollywood has called Craig “one of the best kissers” in the industry. In response to this praise, the actor said that he felt “honored” and then added, “She’s not bad herself.”

He’s a talented cook.


It seems that Craig’s talent goes beyond the camera. In fact, the star admitted that he enjoys cooking and that he learned how thanks to his mother’s advice. He revealed that his mom told him, “If I wanted to eat, I’d better know how to do it myself.”

Moreover, Craig even worked as a chef before making it big in acting. He noted, “I love to cook.” He then added, “I can’t cook for a few, because I’m used to cooking for 20 or more at a time. So there are always a lot of leftovers.”

He’s 100% committed to his craft.

Saturday Night Live/Ferrari Press/East News

Portraying an iconic secret service agent on-screen doesn’t come without a cost, and Craig follows an intense fitness regimen so that he can give his best performance, which includes pushing his physical limits to the max. In fact, it was reported that Craig did his own stunts more than any other actor who has portrayed 007 in the past. Bond’s chief stunt coordinator has revealed that the actor “gets his hands very dirty,” and this has resulted in numerous injuries throughout his career, including losing his 2 front teeth while filming a fight scene for Casino Royale.

However, playing the charismatic and super famous 007 doesn’t mean that Craig wants to be typecast in one genre. In fact, the talented performer isn’t afraid of taking risks and doesn’t take himself so seriously by doing unexpected comedic appearances, such as being a surprise guest on SNL.

He doesn’t believe in inheritance.

Being one of Hollywood’s biggest leading men has allowed Craig to amass a fortune that is reportedly worth $160 million. Nevertheless, it seems that his oldest daughter, 29-year-old Ella, and his 4-year-old daughter with Rachel Weisz surprisingly will not be enjoying a big chunk of his wealth.

The actor explained that he finds inheritance “distasteful,” saying that he doesn’t want “to leave great sums to the next generation.” Craig added, “My philosophy is get rid of it or give it away before you go.”

What do you think of Daniel Craig? Were you surprised by these facts?


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