10+ Minimalistic Comics Full of Pupper Truths That All Dog Owners Can Relate To

4 years ago

Dogs are more than just pets. They are our friends, companions, mood boosters, and fluffy huggers. Their openness and trust touch our souls. And all this is shown in Hey Buddy Comics, which are filled with tenderness and love.

We at Bright Side adore dogs and believe that these sweeties make our lives infinitely better. And for those who have ever had a puppy, we know they understand what true friendship is.

1. Our fluffy buddies will never leave us alone.

2. And they will try their best to take part in the conversation.

3. Doggies are very curious about everything.

4. Even if they don’t understand what is going on.

5. We often sacrifice ourselves for them...

6. And we are happy to do it.

7. Doggos make our lives brighter...

8. ...and save us from loneliness.

9. And we can’t wait to use this awesome opportunity.

10. Our puppies understand us like no one else can.

11. But we sometimes don’t understand what they want.

12. We see them every day...

13. ...and it’s never enough.

14. Doggies can’t live without us.

15. They are always ready to protect us.

16. And this love is forever.

How would you describe your relationship with your dog? Do you believe this can all be said about other pets too? Share your stories about your pets in the comments.


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Things like this make me really miss my dog.. he would always be so happy when someone came home


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