I Threw My Husband Out of the House After Finding Suggestive Photos From the Nanny

5 months ago

A woman, 28, has turned to Reddit to seek advice regarding her absolutely crazy family situation. She’s a mom to an 11-months-old baby, and one day, together with her husband, they invited a nanny to look after their little baby. It turned out that the nanny was looking not only after their daughter, but after the woman’s husband, too. At least this is what the new mom thought after finding some really suggestive photos of the nanny in her husband’s belongings.

The happy family just wanted to hire a good nanny for their small daughter.

The woman opened her story saying that she was new to Reddit, but her little sister suggested she wrote to this platform. She’s 28, her daughter’s name is Cassie, and she is 11 months old and her husband, Alex, is 35. The woman had her daughter and then returned to work (psychologist) as she could never be a SAHM.

She’s actually French but lives in the US. So when she returned at the 4-month mark, as she had a difficult birth, the family started looking for a nanny to look after Cassie whilst the woman and her husband Alex were at work.

They saw a few girls, but then one of Alex’s colleagues suggested his daughter, who had dropped out of college. The woman called her Liv, she was 20 years old.

The nanny’s behavior soon became a problem for the family.

The woman goes on with her story, saying that everything went well, except for one thing. The woman says she did notice Liv being quite attached to Cassie, but she brushed it off as a good friendship between the two. The nanny also liked Alex, it was obvious she had a crush on him, always batting her lashes and giggling. The author of the post says she actually found it amusing, as she’s confident in herself. Alex always laughed it off with her, too.

But then on Thursday night, he asked his wife to do something on his phone whilst he bathed Cassie, and she saw some pictures flash up from Liv. When the woman looked at them, they were obviously very suggestive, she was wearing lingerie and was shown in provocative poses. The woman looked back at the history, and she had been sending these for a while.

The woman went totally mad at Liv’s provocative deeds.

The woman revealed that Alex has never responded, but obviously texts could have been deleted. When she asked him, he got defensive and told her to stop using her psychiatrist tricks on him.

She was not happy with his non answers, and it ended up in a shouting match, waking Cassie. So the woman got him a bag and threw him out. She wrote, “I told him he’s not welcome back until I have answers. I’m considering taking Cassie back home to see my family in France for a little bit. His mother and friends have been blowing up my phone saying I’m being too harsh, and they were harmless texts. Nevertheless, I feel disrespected, and that doesn’t fly with me.”

The whole story took a serious turn.

So, after going to France to visit her parents immediately after what happened, the woman agreed with her family that she needed to come home to France with her daughter. Her family said they would provide any help she needed with moving and lawyers.

When she returned to the US, she informed her ex fiancé (whom she initially called a husband) that there would be no compromise or discussion on her next steps. They managed to sort the move out in the next 2 months and signed an agreement which stated she was the primary custodian of their daughter, and she made most decisions regarding her. Alex thought his partner would become more sympathetic and let him back in once they were in France. But the woman decided on everything and had just let him go.

And here’s yet another life dilemma from a woman who had to kick out her own pregnant daughter with her 6 kids, and the reason for this was just mind-blowing.

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