16 People Who Were Cursed With Bad Neighbors

2 years ago

We all live within the walls of our own houses and apartments and we don’t see our neighbors very often. But sometimes they enter our lives thanks to their unpleasant actions.

At Bright Side, we hope that your neighbors don’t drill into the walls all the time, so you can read these stories about bad neighbors in peace.

  • My sister’s neighbor reported my sister to the police because her kids were outside playing in their own garden. And it was not for the usual reasons, like too much noise, etc. Nope, it was because a volcano in Italy had erupted and the radiation would hurt them. My sister lives in the U.K. © JimmyHerbertKnockers / Reddit
  • A neighbor took my parents to court because he lost in our HOA Chairman election. Then he actually demanded we pay his legal fees after he lost in court. Twice. Some people just have too much free time. © shelldubbs / Reddit
  • A neighbor jumped in front of my car while I was driving down the road to yell at me for going through his trash at night. I told him it was probably raccoons. He refuses to believe it to this day. And I really didn’t do it. © A_crispy_sock / Reddit
  • The old lady who lived below me left me multiple cryptic letters, blaming me for the birds chirping too loudly in the mornings. Not pet birds. The sparrows and other birds outside. This went on for months. © NarcolepticKnitter / Reddit
  • He eats my flowers. In his defense, he told us that he had been doing it for years when he introduced himself after we bought the house. In general, he’s a great neighbor. Just an older, eccentric stoner who keeps to himself and eats my flowers. No shame. He comes over to my yard, and eats my lilies raw, or brings scissors and clips the heads to “boil and make jam.” It’s crazy to me, but we have embraced it. © TraumaSparrow / Reddit
  • An older lady lives across the street from me and she is obsessed with leaves falling on her lawn. To the point that she will come out of her house and pick up one individual leaf off the grass in the fall (or any other time). She spends hours a day outside with the leaf-blower in the fall. She will go and knock on other neighbors’ doors if she thinks you have too many leaves on your grass. She’ll come over into your yard and do it herself if you’re not home. © DTownForever / Reddit
  • She stalks us. Like every time I get home, she’ll walk outside and tell me I was either 3 minutes later getting home this time or that I’m home 2 minutes earlier and then ask me why. One time my friend and her sister came to pick me up. The neighbor was against her window with her hands and face pressed up on the glass trying to look at who was coming to pick me up. My friend and her sister were so terrified they called me and told me to hurry up because a crazy lady was staring at them through a window. I replied, “Oh, it’s just the stalker neighbor!” © Competitive-Menu-146 / Reddit
  • I drove 16 hours straight, pulled in my driveway, and crashed on my couch immediately. I must have left the garage door open because I woke up to the neighbor lady shaking me to see if they also missed my newspaper delivery that morning. © cmde44 / Reddit
  • We used to live next to a woman that would have a disco party for her cats in her backyard at 2 a.m. every few days. She would put up a disco ball and party lights with music playing. It was a little bit odd but what made it crazy was her dancing like a Native American performing a ritual around the disco ball. It’s honestly one of the strangest things I’ve ever witnessed! © epicsunrise77 / Reddit
  • One night I was in the backyard, sitting in lawn chairs, watching the stars with the wife when a neighbor popped out with a flashlight in our faces. I went off, saying, “What the hell are you doing?” She apologized and left with no explanation. I could go on, but then I may start thinking about moving again. © Sleestacksrcoming / Reddit
  • My neighbor in the flat upstairs likes to stand outside my open (ground floor) window at 6 a.m. and argue with her dog. Like, “I know you don’t want to go home, but if you don’t stop being so bad you’re not getting your sausage roll.” Or “I’m not the one who wanted to go out, so what’s your problem?” It happens at least twice a week. © BallantyneR / Reddit
  • We bought a house and on the day that we were unloading the first truckload, the neighbor came into our garage, uninvited, and started telling us what trees on our property he wanted us to cut down. © Frontsaladfrontblunt / Reddit
  • We have a neighbor we call “the screamer lady” because when her kids were young she would basically sit at her window and run out and scream at anyone driving by if she felt they were going too fast, ranting about the safety of her children (who may or may not have even been home at that point in the day). To this day she still sits and studies traffic and glares at motorcycles. Her kids are grown thankfully so the screaming has ceased. © Drakmanka / Reddit
  • One of our neighbors made a habit of throwing garbage out the window. We didn’t know who it was but everyone was furious. I offered to install a camera on one of our neighbor’s balconies on that side of the house to find out who the villain was. And you know what? They refused. They preferred to be outraged even further. © goodside / Pikabu
  • My neighbor dug up my fancy flowers and replanted them in her own yard, 15 feet away. © lalalimabean / Reddit
  • I was walking home and approached our house entrance. Suddenly a neighbor jumped on me and yelled, “You stole my chair!” Old women from our house used to sit on it in front of the entrance. I tried to explain that I didn’t need it but I heard in reply, “Now you hold on.” 2 days later I found 3 trash bags in front of my door and judging by the smell, there was rotten fish in them. It wasn’t difficult to guess who had left these bags. I put on gloves, took these bags, and put them in the place they liked to sit. This “war” lasted for a year. And then a year later, our neighbor from the fourth floor decided to do renovations in his apartment and began to throw out his old furniture. So when he was carrying out chairs, one of the old women recognized the chair which they thought I had stolen. She jumped at the neighbor and began to shout at him. After that, old women stopped leaving their garbage near my door. But they still scold me when they see me. © Erikov / Pikabu

How about your neighbors? Do any of them act weirdly? Tell us in the comments below.

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we also had neighbors who stole our flowers and plants 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️


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