10 Pairs of Actors and Actresses Whose Kinship Came as a Big Surprise to Us

3 months ago

Some actors and actresses are connected not only by the same profession, but they are also in close kinship with each other. And in most cases, it’s only their most vivid fans who know about it. For example, we had no idea that Tom Cruise had a brother who has acted with him in movies and TV series.

We at Bright Side spotted relative connections between bright movie stars, and now we believe that talent is passed on with genes.


Tom Cruise and the star of the TV series, Lost, William Mapother, are cousins. In fact, Cruise’s real name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV. The cousins have appeared in the same movies many times, like Vanilla Sky, Magnolia, and Minority Report. And when asked about what it was like to be in the shadow of his famous cousin, Mapother confessed that he never worried about it and was simply trying to do his work well.


Lea Thompson, the actress we love from the cult classic, Back to the Future, is the mother of the young actress, Zoey Deutch. The girl has already played a significant role in the biopic about J. D. Salinger, Rebel in the Rye, where she was an object of the writer’s romantic interest. Also, the mother and daughter duo acted together in the movie, The Year of Spectacular Men, directed by Lea Thompson herself.


Blake Lively, the star of movies like The Age of Adaline and A Simple Favor, is in kinship with Bart Johnson, known by many for his role as the coach from High School Musical. The actor is her brother-in-law. Lively, in her turn, is Bart’s sister-in-law and an aunt to his kids, as Johnson is married to Lively’s sister. The celebrities have a friendly relationship, and their common photos on social media prove it.


Domhnall Gleeson achieved world fame thanks to movies like Anna Karenina and About Time. His younger brother, Brian Gleeson, also decided to declare himself to the world as an actor. He appeared as one of the clue characters in the Peaky Blinders series, and he also acted in the movie, Phantom Thread. In 2021, both brothers became the main characters in the Frank of Ireland series.


The famous old Hollywood actress, Anne Gwynne, is Chris Pine’s grandmother. She was one of the first so-called “Queens of the Screamers” because she acted in horror movies. Her biggest fan, Quentin Tarantino, has demonstrated this in a scene where the characters watch a movie with Anne Gwynne in his flick, Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood. Chris Pine was very touched by the fact that the famous director honored his granny’s memory this way.


The legendary Ralph Fiennes, an actor we love for his roles in many cult movies, has a famous nephew. It’s Hero Fiennes Tiffin, a young heartthrob who got famous thanks to romantic movies based on Anna Todd’s novels, After and After We Collided. It’s interesting to note that in childhood, Tiffin acted in one of the movies from the Harry Potter franchise together with his uncle.


Famous actor and racer, Steve McQueen, and the star of the popular series, The Vampire Diaries, Steven R. McQueen, are grandfather and grandson. The representative of the young generation believes that his kinship with the legendary actor played a big role in his career and believes that the comparison is normal. However, the generational gap will leave some differences: the 2 men cater to completely different audiences.


Sean Astin, who played hobbit Sam in the Lord Of The Rings franchise, is the father to the actress who played Ethel in the Bad Kids of Crestview Academy movie. Ali Astin first appeared on screen at quite a young age together with her father when she acted in the movie, Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King.


Donald Sutherland is the grandfather of the actress who played Katherine Mayfair in the Veep series. Her name is Sarah Sutherland, and she is determined to forge her own path in cinema without resorting to the help of her grandfather and her father, Kiefer Sutherland. The actress categorically refuses to take part in projects that her relatives are also working on.


Emilio Estevez, who acted in the legendary movie, The Breakfast Club, is the elder brother of the famous actor, Charlie Sheen. The latter, in his turn, also acted in a no-less popular cult movie, Platoon. The personal relationship between the brothers wasn’t too great when they both were at the peaks of their careers. But today, Estevez says that they have become closer to one another.

Whose kinship came as a true surprise to you?

Recent sightings of Tom Cruise and Shakira at the 2023 Miami Formula One Grand Prix have fueled speculations of a possible romance. The duo, both looking radiant, shared light moments, leading fans to wonder about the nature of their relationship. A source close to Page Six hinted at a palpable chemistry between the two, with Cruise reportedly very keen on pursuing Shakira. This rendezvous came shortly after Shakira’s powerful speech at the Latin Women in Music gala, where she emphasized the importance of self-love and authenticity, especially after her split from Gerard Piqué.


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