10+ Pictures That Piqued Our Curiosity

10 months ago

Sometimes we might feel like we’re living the same day over and over again, like we’re trapped in a time-loop movie. It’s normal when we fall into a routine, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. These patterns give us a sense of security and help us overcome uncertain times.

Psychologists suggest that we need to shake things up every once in a while to boost our sense of curiosity and excitement. We have a surefire way to inject some novelty into your routine by showing you some unusual things people online have experienced.

“Dinosaur footprint vs my teacher’s hand. He only has 3 fingers and took advantage of it when he went to a museum.”

“The Joker is jump-starting a woman’s car.”

“My niece was the most metal fetus.”

“My 9-year-old nephew has found over 1,500 lucky 4-leaf clovers and keeps them in a big binder.”

“I fell asleep with my hand tucked between my knees.”

“This guy riding a motorcycle has a shirt of him riding his motorcycle.”

“Found a dandelion in the park today. She had no idea.”

“Saw this cat fueling up off of the interstate. They’ve got the essentials, and are not looking back.”

“My friend was watering and noticed something odd.”

“Wild boar chilling with humans”

“A friend heard a noise outside her tent. Instead of peeking out, she only reached her hand out to snap a picture. This is what she saw.”

“I saw this strange car today, also known as ‘ETV’ or ‘Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle’ (yes, seriously).”

Saudi Prince bought 80 seats on a plane for his 80 falcons.

“This man saved our dog. You can see our cat jumping out the window.”

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