10 Rare Body Features That Can Make Us Feel Like One of a Kind

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We all have our own quirks and features that make us unique. These can range from the things we say to the way we walk or even what we eat. Although most of these are fairly small, there are some features that are so rare they could only be found in 1 out of every 10 million people on Earth. Here’s a list of physical features that we only see once in a blue moon.

1. Bifid uvula

While most of us have a uvula, some people have more than one. A bifid uvula is a congenital feature that occurs in approximately 2% of the population. Globally, it’s a benign condition that shouldn’t be treated.

2. Cavus foot

Cavus foot refers to a highly arched foot. This condition can be easily recognized, but an appropriate neurology assessment can help determine its origin. The most common type of cavus foot is the cavovarus, an excessively raised medial longitudinal arch, plantar flexion on the first toe, and a fixed heel varus.

3. Webbbed hands

In medicine, syndactyly refers to fused or webbed fingers or toes. The condition is not caused by the fingers sticking together in the womb, but rather, by a failure in longitudinal interdigital necrosis, a process normally responsible for separating the fingers.

4. Double crown hair

Whorls are a specific pattern of hair growth. They are circular rings in the hair that are easily visible to the naked eye. They are formed when the hair grows in a spiral shape around an axis point and can be seen in both curly and straight-haired people. But a minority of people have more than one, which makes them look like they have 2 crowns in their hair.

5. An extra finger

Polydactyly is when someone is born with an extra finger or toe. The condition can affect one or both hands or feet. The cause of this condition is often genetic and the extra finger or toe is often referred to as the supernumerary digit.

6. Widow’s peak hairline

widow’s peak is a V-shaped vertical hairline. This genetic trait refers to having a higher hairline on the sides that has a low point in the middle.

7. Beard cowlick

A cowlick is a patch of hair (usually on a person’s head) that grows in an unusual way, typically in the opposite direction from the rest of the hair. A beard cowlick is usually found on a man’s face and grows in the opposite direction of his facial hair.

8. Strawberry birthmark

strawberry birthmark, or infantile hemangioma, is a bumpy red or purple patch on a newborn’s skin that is made of a cluster of blood vessels. The blood vessels of a birthmark can receive growth signals that make them enlarge rapidly. This condition grows rapidly during the first 5 months after birth and reaches about 80% of its final size by 3 months.

9. Dermatographic urticaria

Dermatographia — also known as skin writing, dermatographic urticaria, or dermographism — is a common physical allergic reaction that causes reddish, raised welts to appear on the skin after applying pressure to it. This condition is relatively rare, affecting only 2% to 5% of the population.

10. Geographical tongue

Geographic tongue is a benign chronic relapsing recurring inflammatory condition of the oral cavity. Although its cause is unknown, the condition can affect some people for as long as several weeks before disappearing and reoccurring in a different location.

Do you have any rare body features? In your opinion, what is the most unique physical trait a person can have?


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