10 Smart Ways to Stay Safe When You’re Being Followed

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2 years ago

Many of us have experienced situations where we felt like we were being followed. Even though anxiety and fear can play a role in some cases, sometimes it’s true! Thus, we should be prepared if something like this happens and take vital actions to keep ourselves safe. That’s why we, at Bright Side, compiled a list of smart precautions to make you feel safer when walking alone.

1. Enter an ATM or open shop when being followed at night.

At night, if you are being chased by a stalker, go to an ATM. It has CCTVs and security guards, so there is a lesser chance of getting attacked. If there are no ATMs nearby, stop by the nearest shop and explain your situation to them.

2. Make sure you carry a pocket alarm system to alert your surroundings.

Even when traveling alone, it is helpful to have a pocket alarm system. Whenever you are walking alone, it is advisable to carry a pocket alarm so that you can catch the attention of passersby and they can get you help.

3. Always have a recorded voicemail from your dad/boyfriend. Before opening the door for anyone, let it play.

You might find this tip useful if you live alone. Just ask your dad or boyfriend to record a voice message for you. Every time there is a food order or delivery, these recordings can be played on the intercom. By doing so, the stranger will know your family is at home with you.

4. Make sure you move with a group.

If you are being followed and want to appear less obvious, move behind a group so that it seems you are with them. This will make the person following you think that you have someone with you. For example, if you are alone while shopping or doing laundry at a laundromat, you can simply leave with a group.

5. Always keep a pair of men’s shoes outside your home.

You can use this tip to inform others that you live with a man. Put a pair of shoes or boots that men wear outside your door. The stranger or person following you will assume that you have someone with you and they will be less likely to harm you.

6. Carry hairspray in your purse.

Never leave home without a hairspray. Worst case scenario, if you are being attacked, you can spray it in the attacker’s eyes and run as fast as you can.

7. Choose elevators over staircases.

Since stairs are isolated areas, it has been said that they are likely to be unsafe. It is therefore advisable to use elevators instead of stairs whenever possible. If you are in an elevator, always press all the buttons so that you can exit in an emergency.

8. Have an emergency bag ready in order to leave quickly for safer places.

Get a bag ready in case of an emergency or if you need to move to a safer area. It is a good idea to put a brush, important papers, your IDs, some clothes, and a few pairs of shoes in it.

9. Keep squeaky toys and tin cans in front of your door.

A little extra precaution is always a good thing. Therefore, place tin cans and noise-making toys in front of all of your doors and windows. This way, you’ll notice when someone attempts to open the door. Additionally, you should change your security codes and locks often.

10. Try redirecting your mail to your office mailbox instead of your own home.

Get your mail and deliverables sent to your office address instead of your home. This way, you are less prone to getting your address noticed.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to protect yourself from someone who was following you? Do you have any more tips on how to stay safe?


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