10 Things Men Should Avoid Wearing

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10 months ago

It’s of the utmost importance for a man to dress in a way that makes him look as attractive as possible. But sometimes men wear things that can ruin their whole style.

We at Bright Side made a list of recommendations that will prevent men from making such mistakes.

10. Pushed-up shirt sleeves

Leaving your shirt sleeves pushed up looks messy. It is much more elegant if you neatly roll them up.

9. Wearing sunglasses indoors

Here are instructions on how to choose the right sunglasses. And, of course, it’s completely fine to wear any accessories when they are needed. But once you get inside, you will look much more intelligent if you take them off.

8. Loosely tucked shirt

In most cases, a shirt should be tucked in. However, it’s important to keep it fitted. A shirt that doesn’t smoothly fit the body looks quite careless. Follow these instructions on how to easily tuck in a shirt.

7. Not wearing a watch

This accessory can make even the simplest outfit look classier. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your style by choosing one of the various types of watches.

6. Only wearing sneakers

Sneakers, without any doubt, make your style brighter and unconstrained. However, limiting yourself to only these shoes is a big mistake. Choose different shoes with appropriate outfits, and you will always be on top.

5. Not wearing socks

If you don’t want your socks to be visible, just wear no-show socks instead of not wearing them at all. This will prevent you from feeling uncomfortable all day and ruining your shoes.

4. Not dressing for an occasion

If you are going to any formal event or an interview, always try to look appropriate. Don’t think you will look dressy if you mix up styles. This will only make you look childish.

3. Long T-shirts

Sometimes this does look interesting if combined with specific pants. However, if you are not a hip-hop star, it’s better to be careful when wearing such T-shirts.

2. White socks

Unless you are doing something connected to sports, white socks should never be an option. Look for something more interesting if you want your socks to be eye-catching.

1. Baggy pants

One of the worst mistakes a man can make to kill his style is to wear oversized and baggy pants. This will detract from the overall impression of the combination of your shoes and pants, which, of course, you took time to create.


V-shaped or inverted triangle body shape


  • The best choices for you are V-neck shirts and sweaters. They visually draw the eye down and distract attention from your chest.
  • Unstructured double-breasted jackets could suit you well since they widen your torso in proportion with your shoulders.


  • Wear skinny jeans as this could highlight the disproportion of your body.
  • Wear structured jackets. This will definitely emphasize your shoulders.

Rectangle body shape


  • Layered clothes are the best choice for you.
  • Wear T-shirts or jackets with circular necklines to draw attention to your upper torso.


  • Wear double-breasted jackets because they will only emphasize your rectangular shape.
  • Wear T-shirts with prints that repeat your rectangular shape.

Oval body shape


  • Wear vertical stripes and pinstripes as they will lengthen your body.
  • Wear jeans that are just the right length for you because baggy pants will shorten your limbs.


  • Wear horizontal stripes.
  • Choose bright belts because this will draw attention to your widest part.


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This definitely is not how not to dress but how To be gay tutorial, there are only 2 ok advices, for normal guys who don't like to have their nuts squeezed in shitty tight jeans.


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