10 Times Royal Outfits Sent Us a Subtle Message

3 years ago

Communicating through their clothing is an old tradition, carefully maintained by the members of the Royal Family. Whether they want to talk about their feelings or send a hidden message to the rest of the family, or to the public, their wardrobe becomes a powerful tool. Colors, subtle accents, and accessories — every single detail matters here.

Bright Side has found some noteworthy clothing worn by the Royals, and now offers you a chance to figure out these Easter eggs together!

1. Royal ladies wearing brown together

When Meghan and Harry decided to step down from their Royal Family duties, this also meant a lot of changes for the Royal Family. Right around that moment the colors of Catherine’s and Meghan’s outfits suddenly changed to brown. Even the Queen, who usually prefers bright colors, joined them. It is suspected that these changes represent a sign of unity between them.

2. Outfits of young princes during official ceremonies

In 2015, Prince George was spotted in Prince William’s arms wearing a blue onesie during the Trooping the Colour parade. A few years later, his brother Prince Louis appeared in a similar blue and white outfit during the same ceremony. The outfits, were in fact, borrowed from William and Harry themselves, who wore them for the parade back in 1986.

3. Meghan’s white dress

When the pair introduced their newborn Archie to the world, Meghan appeared in front of photographers wearing an elegant white trench dress. Its designer, Grace Wales Bonner, just like Markle, is biracial, and her creations are inspired by her mixed-race heritage. By wearing this dress Meghan showed her support and pride.

4. Princess Adrienne’s christening gown

In 2018 Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill of Sweden welcomed their baby, Princess Adrienne. The christening gown the baby was covered in is a piece that hides a lot of meaning behind it. It’s been worn by every Swedish Royal infant since 1996. All of their names are embroidered along the edge of the fabric.

5. Princess Diana’s black sheep sweater

Diana often felt like an outsider in the Royal Family as she struggled with the rules and traditions. In 1983, she arrived at a polo match wearing a pullover that had a white sheep motif, with one little black sheep featured on her chest. There was speculation that this clothing choice represented her feelings and worries about her place within the Family.

6. Meghan’s tribute to Scotland

During her first trip to Scotland, Meghan showed her respect to the nation with her outfit. She appeared in a coat with the Black Watch pattern, which carries a special historical meaning in the country. She finished her look with a dark-green handbag by the Scottish brand Strathberry.

7. Princess Beatrice’s black handbag

Princess Beatrice was spotted several times holding a little black handbag while visiting various events. What makes this accessory unusual is the phrase “Be Cool Be Nice” embellished on its top. This is a slogan of an anti-cyberbullying campaign, which Beatrice joined to support.

8. Kate’s colorful outfits during her online calls

Fans have noticed that during her periodic Zoom calls with healthcare specialists, the Duchess has worn a spectrum of colors. Once she opted for orange and yellow styles, while another time she went for blue, green, and white looks. The rainbow became a little symbol of the National Health Service, and it seems like, with her wardrobe, Catherine wants to show her respect, support, and appreciation to medical practitioners.

9. The colors of the Queen’s dress during Prince Harry’s wedding

For the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan, the Queen opted for a bright lime-green outfit with purple accents and floral prints. According to psychology, the choice of colors could hide a message to the couple. Green is a special color that indicates respect and good intentions for the future. The purple is a sign that the Queen approves of the marriage.

10. Meghan’s dress at the International Women’s Day Panel

In 2019 Meghan attended a panel discussion for International Women’s Day at King’s College. For this occasion, she wore a suffragette white dress. This color became a symbol and was adopted by feminist movements in different countries. Being passionate about gender equality and social justice, Meghan could not miss the opportunity to send this supportive message.

How do you express your feelings through your style? Let’s discuss this in the comment section!


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