15 People From the Past Who Are Still Cooler Than We’ll Ever Be

3 years ago

From being able to do a handstand on 2 skateboards to putting on a disguise to get in the yearbook twice and make a statement, people from the older generations could do it all. In fact, with such bold choices and taste in fashion, we think some of them are still way cooler than we’ll ever be.

Bright Side has handpicked 15 of the coolest people from the past.

1. “My dad disguising himself to get in the yearbook twice (1980s)”

2. My great-grandmother used to be an acrobat for a circus in the early 1900s.

3. My grandma, back in the ’60s

4. My dad at his first job at NASA, 1986

5. In the 1960s, my mom worked as an editor for Tiger Beat magazine and spent time with The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

6. My parents’ wedding in the 1980s, dads wearing turquoise velour shoes and moms dress is white leather.

7. My nonna with her motorcycle in Italy, around the 1950s

8. “My auntie in the 1970s, looking like an album cover”

9. My mom worked as a tech for fighter planes in the ’80s.

10. “My aunt when she won Miss Indian America, 1954”

11. My mother doing a handstand on 2 skateboards, 1980s

12. “My grandma in 1958, the same year she had my mom”

13. My mom in 1985, dressed as Pris from Bladerunner on Halloween

14. Mom made her own wedding dress, 1959

15. “My grandma and John Lennon in the ’60s”

How cool were your parents and grandparents growing up? Share their photos with us in the comments!

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