10+ Times the Royal Children Acted Like Real Rebels

3 years ago

Royal children are not always known for respecting etiquette, like people say they should. The rebellious gestures to the press show their honest and real personalities, which steal the hearts of many people around the world.

That’s why today, at Bright Side, we’ve made a compilation of 13 times royal children defied etiquette in the most charming and rebellious way, showing their cheeky and mischievous side.

1. Princess Charlotte is a real rebel, just like her grandmother, the Queen of England.

2. Guess who really stole the show at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding...

3. Look at her, striking a pose during a photo session.

4. Savannah Phillips, the oldest and craziest great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth

5. And she is also inspiring Prince George and Princess Charlotte to be less stiff during photo sessions.

6. Prince Sverre Magnus is also showing that Norway knows how to be rebellious.

7. The cheeky Princess Amalia sneaks her dad, the King, an unexpected kiss.

8. There is quite a bit of mischief behind the cute face of Princess Josephine from Denmark.

9. Also, her big sister Princess Isabella sure wasn’t shy on her first day of school.

10. Prince Louis is glamorous in the spotlight, but doesn’t always seem up for his royal duties.

11. But his brother, Prince George, is not afraid to show a funny face to the press.

12. He is probably wondering here why he can’t just go play with his toys.

13. Also here, Prince George of England wasn’t too pleased with his royal duties.

Do you think etiquette and rebellion are compatible? Are your kids just as rebellious as the royals?


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I can imagine how bored there children at all these official ceremonials :D


I really want to see Princess Charlotte Growing up! Can't even imagine her as a teenager, Going to parties staying up late, a true rebel princess!!


Princesses of Denmark are delightful! The Brunette, actually looks a lot like my daughter. She is our princess indeed


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