11 food products which you can eat in a completely different way

2 years ago

The number of ways in which you can prepare and eat your favorite food is essentially endless. Here’s just a few ideas to help you make this sometimes mundane activity a whole lot more fun.

  1. A simple but very tasty dessert: dip some bananas in melted chocolate, sprinkle with your favorite sweet topping, and place in the refrigerator for one hour:
  1. Use a straw to remove the leaves from strawberries:
  1. Cover slices of bacon in ordinary pancake batter and bake on both sides:
  1. You can also bake slices of bacon together with an egg, in the form of a cupcake:
  1. Cut one half of a watermelon into cubes, place it on the table like so, and it will be much easier to eat:
  1. Cut out the core of a few apples, pour in some caramel, and place it all in the refrigerator. The result will be everyone’s new favorite treat:
  1. A Chinese meal will be much easier to eat if you take apart the box like this:
  1. For a more cheerful and attractive fried egg, place them inside slices of pepper:
  1. A home-made Big Mac, with one important addition:
  1. How to make the tastiest ice cream you’ve ever eaten, with nuts, chocolate and caramel:
  1. You can surprise your guests with very weird-looking boiled eggs. Watch the full guide on how to make these "long eggs" at home here.
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