11 Little Things That Can Say a Lot About Someone’s Financial Situation

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3 years ago

Many people strive to look wealthier than they really are. And it isn’t a reflection of their actual financial situation: you can always aim to look better. But it’s much harder to create this illusion than it might seem. That’s because there are some small things that can ruin the illusion we work so hard to create.

We at Bright Side have analyzed some modern tendencies and are beginning to understand what things ought to be avoided when it comes to clothing and interior design choices to feel comfortable no matter how much money you have.

1. Shoes with red soles

Shoes with bright red soles are a trademark of Christian Louboutin — after all, the designer had to go to court to protect these precious red soles. These shoes were a real hit about 5 years ago and almost all shoe companies started making similar-looking models with red soles. So, because practically anyone can buy such shoes these days, red soles are no longer a sign of wealth. Besides, cheaper models with red soles will start to look pretty bad in the near future.

2. Wearing matching sets of jewelry

In the ’90s, there were many women that wanted to show everyone just how wealthy they were, so they’d put on all their finest jewelry at the same time. It used to be very cool to have a set of earrings, a necklace, a ring, and a bracelet that matched. And there are still a lot of people who think that buying jewelry sets is a good idea. However, the fashion industry says otherwise: the more you mix the styles, the better. You can wear pearls with sneakers, gold with silver, and even earrings from different pairs. The most important thing is not to wear too many things at once.

3. Thin toilet paper

Unlike expensive toilet paper, cheaper alternatives are too thin, so we end up using more paper because we want more layers. So, in fact, by doing this, you don’t actually save any money because you have to buy toilet paper more often.

The same works for paper towels: cheap towels literally disappear in your hands, making you tear another piece and waste more paper. Instead, you can buy a big batch of toilet paper and paper towels so every single roll will be cheaper.

4. You put your own photos in big flashy frames.

Massive frames containing portraits of the people that live there in small spaces look a bit ridiculous most of the time. What matters most is the photo itself, not the frame. So if you want to hang your photos, choose a simple frame or no frame at all. Massive frames look nice with mirrors, so you can try that.

5. Fake luxury brand clothes and accessories

In most cases, fake luxury brands are of terrible quality and you can see it a mile away. It’s okay that not everyone can afford Prada or Gucci clothes. If you don’t have enough money for those brands, buy quality items from a less famous luxury brand.

6. Clothes from sales

Most people don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes. But the problem with clothes on sale is that they’re often pieces boasting bad designs, unpopular sizes, or other problems. And in order to find something really good in these sale sections, you have to dig deep. If you’re going to a sale at the end of the season, you’ll most likely be disappointed because by the time you can wear these clothes (which may be a year away because of the weather), they won’t be trendy any more because of how fast fashion trends change.

7. Soft toys

Soft toys are only good if you have children. Otherwise, they’re nothing more than dust collectors. It’s better to get rid of soft toys as soon as your children grow up. You can give them to your friends that have kids or keep a few as a memory for yourself.

8. Jeans with complicated designs

For many people, jeans are a basic part of their everyday wardrobe, so don’t be cheap when shopping for them and don’t choose pairs that are no longer trendy. Today, it’s better to buy very simple models without any print, lace, or other decorative elements. Simple jeans are great for people of any age and occupation. And you can always use accessories to make them look more interesting.

9. Faded towels

Any fabric will lose its color with time but it’s especially true when it comes to towels. They’re used very often and are washed in hot water regularly. Bright towels are especially in danger because the color looks washed after just a few times in a washing machine. It’s better to choose towels without bright colors and to follow the instructions on how they should be washed.

10. Cheap devices and appliances with many functions

When buying devices and appliances, you have to be very careful. Many brands offer mixes of functions, like a washing machine that’s also a dryer or a microwave that’s also an oven, for example. There are even 3-in-1 models out there, like an oven+coffeemaker+stove! But such devices are often sold for a lot of money and if you see one listed for super cheap, there’s a strong chance the manufacturer skimped on the parts, so the device won’t last all that long.

11. Satin bed sheets

In the past, people believed that if someone’s bed sheets were made of silk or satin, they were very wealthy. But this is not true anymore. People realized that natural silk bed sheets were very slippery and not comfortable to sleep on.

Of course, there are cheaper materials that mimic satin but feel way worse, and since they’re not breathable, they’re bad for hot summer months and cold winter nights. So, next time you’re shopping for bed sheets, make sure to choose ones made of natural materials. Linen and cotton are the best materials you can choose.

What items are you never cheap about?


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#5: the handbags- do the arrows point to specific things that show they're fakes? or do the arrows mean the bags are real? the accompanying anecdotes are unsatisfactory about half the time.


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