12 People Who Aren’t Afraid of Any Changes

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It can be good to step out of your comfort zone often, and most of the time, changing your appearance is an excellent indicator of bettering yourself. Research shows that your mindset is essential in determining life’s outcomes. If you understand, adapt, and shift it, it may boost your health, decrease stress levels, and you may be better prepared to overcome challenges in life.

1. “Amir Tataloo, the Iranian singer’s transformation in 6 years”

2. “Face profile progress (11 months)”

3. “Life is so much better now.”

4. “Black or ginger?”

5. “I’m celebrating 18 months of HRT (MTF, 37 years old)!”

6. “320 lb to 180 lb, 2018-2022”

7. “Male privilege was nice, but I think the confidence and happiness is a lot nicer!”

8. “Before/after — finally got up the courage to go short!”

9. “Before/after: one year post-rhinoplasty!”

10. “17 months ago (left), I started getting the proper medication and mental health services. I love having long hair.”

11. “From stretching 3X shirts out to comfortably wearing 1X (8 months)! Have about 15 lb more to go before hitting my original goal, almost there.”

12. “What my hair looked like before I grew it out”

Have you gone through a major transformation throughout the years? How did it affect you?

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#7 is funny and true 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈


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