12 Tricks That Can Make You Look as Fresh as a Daisy

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6 months ago

There’s no magic potion for eternal youth, but there are plenty of simple tricks we can use to look fresh and shave a few years off in the process. And we can also use them to highlight the physical features that we love about ourselves.

1. Use layers to frame your face

If you prefer to wear your hair long, a good idea is to add layers and texture, as this frames the face, giving it an essence of youth.

“Some women get attached to length because they think it makes them look younger, when, in fact, it just hangs down and does nothing to flatter or soften the features,” said hairstylist Jenna Mast.

2. Wear V-necks

Wearing a V-neck is an ideal option so that the wrinkled area in the neck doesn’t take center stage. This way, the attention goes to the décolleté, providing coverage.

3. Pearlescent eye color can be your best ally

Use a pearlescent shade under the brows and at the inner corners of the eyes to subtly brighten and highlight the eyes, but without focusing on the crow’s feet or sagging areas. Light neutral colors will perfectly complement the rest of the eye makeup you apply.

4. Don’t apply blush under your cheekbones

When it comes to blusher, the first thing to consider is to switch from powder to cream, as skin tends to become drier over the years, and powder could accentuate this.

Secondly, place it in the right area so that your face doesn’t look saggy but firm. The best place to place it is along the middle of the cheekbones, moving upward toward the ears.

5. Black is not the ideal color for an eyeliner

The eye area has thin skin, so the first fine lines often appear there. Often, without noticing it, we accentuate the area and, as a result, we can look older. This happens when wearing thick, black eyeliner, making the eyes look smaller and glassier.

An alternative to this is to use brown eyeliner, so you’ll have a softer, more youthful look.

6. Wear bangs to hide fine lines

Having long bangs is an ideal option for softening facial features. It’s also a discreet way to hide fine lines and wrinkles, as well as being a frame to emphasize the eyes.

7. If you wear your hair short, the first layer shouldn’t be too high

If you wear your hair short, one simple change that can impact your image is to not wear it too short on top.

“Leaving hair longer at the crown gives a more feminine and youthful look, which can be more forgiving for women as we age, especially when it comes to loose skin around the neck,” said specialist Jenna Mast.

8. Wear thick mascara

Volumizing lashes and forming an upward line is one way to lift the eyes and counteract a droopy look.

“Use first a volumizing mascara to create massive volume on the upper and lower lashes. Then, apply a lengthening mascara to the outer corners only to create a flirty curl that lifts the eye diagonally,” advises Orlando Santiago, celebrity make-up artist.

9. Use moisturizing lipsticks instead of matte ones

Matte lipsticks tend to dry out the lips and make them look harder and older. A flattering choice is to use a creamy pencil or lip tint with a bit of gloss.

10. Avoid matte foundation

The formula of the foundation is relevant, as, with age, wrinkles and lines can become more noticeable if you choose one that has a matte finish, which can settle in these areas. A good option is to choose a lighter or moisturizing foundation.

11. Grey hair can look good

Grey hair doesn’t necessarily make you look older; on the contrary: natural hair in shades of grey or white can add shine and freshness to your appearance.

“For some women, maintenance becomes impossible, and they actually look younger and fresher with a full head of natural, grey or white hair,” stylist Jena Mast pointed out.

12. Don’t wear your hair too dark

Using a dye that’s too dark could cause the skin to look dull or harsh, according to Felicia Dosso, a colorist at Nunzio Saviano Salon. One option is to add highlights to give hair depth and a natural-looking shine that reflects on the face.

“Softer, more natural tones are more youthful,” explained the specialist.


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