16 Celebs Who’ve Become the Icons of Grey Hair

3 years ago

While it may be true that society has made us feel negatively about what has been deemed a sign of aging, the reality is that if we’re lucky, it’s an experience everyone will deal with at some point. These celebrities are great examples of people rocking their natural grey.

With that in mind, the Bright Side team has compiled a list of celebs who are known for embracing their natural grey hair.

1. Jeff Goldblum

2. Tom Jones

3. Steve Carell

4. Kyle MacLachlan

5. Pierce Brosnan

6. Taylor Kinney

7. Alec Baldwin

8. Diane Keaton

9. Helen Mirren

10. Andy Cohen

11. Eric Dane

12. Al Pacino

13. Tom Hanks

14. Robert De Niro

15. Mark Ruffalo

16. Melissa McBride

Do you embrace your grey hairs? Feel inspired to ditch the hair dye?


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