13 Smart Ideas to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

4 years ago

Many apartments have small kitchens. Most of the time, the rooms where we cook are not big enough so we have to improvise.

Bright Side has collected some ideas from designers on organizing the space of a small apartment and getting the most out of it.

1. Built-in appliances

You can make all of your appliances built-in: a fridge, a microwave oven, and a dishwasher. The appliances can be hidden behind the cabinet doors, and will look great.

2. Cutting board holder

In order to free some room, you can make this cutting board holder. Cutting boards are things that we often use, this is why it’s important that they are easy to access. You can find a detailed manual on how to make this type of holder here.

3. Rotating shelves

Again, it’s all about organizing the space. Here you can find a description of how you can make these shelves by yourself.

4. Pegboards

Pegboards are a great way to make sure all your utensils are always accessible and to free up having to use a separate drawer or cabinet for them. Here you can read more about how to create one.

5. Transforming furniture and drawers

Kitchen cabinets are not always used the way they should be. This is why designers offer specially-shaped drawers and transforming furniture. Because every single inch of space counts when a kitchen is small.

6. Hanging racks and shelving

Hanging racks are used to store things on and the same goes for shelving. You can hang utensils on hanging racks and put some decorations on the shelves.

7. Remove the kitchen door

Just remove the door altogether — this will actually free up some space and make the kitchen feel bigger. If you are afraid of kitchen smells spreading around the apartment, use a good ventilation system: it works better than any door.

8. Lighting

Hanging bulbs and recessed lighting are the best options. This lighting not only looks good, but also increases the free space you have.

9. One-color façades

Giving up on patterned façades is something you are going to have to do to make the space appear larger. One-color matte cabinet doors are great for a small kitchen. And also, avoid large handles and knobs.

10. Hanging cabinets

Removing the top hanging cabinets is the most popular piece of advice given to people who have small kitchens. We don’t agree: just use them in a smart way and choose cabinets with transparent glass doors.

11. 2-burner stoves

If you don’t have a huge family and you don’t cook several things simultaneously, you don’t need a 4-burner stove. 2 is more than enough.

12. Roller shades

Roller shades instead of regular curtains? Yes! This will free up some space and make it feel lighter.

13. Smart decor

Don’t give up on decor, even if you don’t have much free space. Blackboards and bright accessories are really popular now.

Which of these ideas would you use to decorate your kitchen? Tell us in the comment section below.

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