14 Animals Whose Emotions Are So Vivid, They Simply Can’t Hide Them

4 years ago

Our pets can be really emotional. And their reactions are something we can all watch forever. They’re like small humans with paws and whiskers!

Bright Side knows perfectly well that animals can’t speak because they need no words to express their feelings.

When you’re mad at them but they suddenly give you a kiss:

“Bags! I need more bags!”

When you leave your parents to enter adult life and face your first obstacle:

Tenderness and patience

“Stay there, don’t move. You look suspicious.”

Friday night vs Monday morning

When she wants to take a selfie:

When you wake up at 7 AM and suddenly realize it’s Sunday:

Incredible emotional intensity

Them: “Are you going on vacation?”
You: “Yes, next year.”

“The way I look in all family pictures”

When your friend comes wearing the same dress:

The usual you vs you when someone “needs to talk to you”

“Leave me alone! I’m okay!”

What emotion does your pet’s face usually express?

Preview photo credit unknown user/ imgur


Sometimes I think that animals can express emotions way better than us humans! ? And this compilation has just proved it once again

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