14 Behind-the-Scenes Shots That Show the Other Side of Our Favorite Movies

5 years ago

It’s likely that many cinema lovers are feeling curious to know what is hiding behind some beautiful scenery and cool special effects, apart from computer graphics. And even though there are a lot of graphics in cinematography lately, it doesn’t diminish the skills of the scene decorators, actors, stuntmen, and directors. The shooting process is very hard work, and the entire group contributes to the success of each scene.

Bright Side offers you a chance to dive into a magical world behind the scenes and see how the cool shots are really made.

1. The decorations of elves’ homes in The Lord of the Rings

2. Michael Jordan filming Space Jam

3. How water scenes in Life of Pi were filmed

4. Steven Spielberg testing out the POV shot where E.T. is dressed up as a ghost for Halloween in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

5. This is behind the scenes of GoldenEye (1995), which had the largest amount of miniature work ever in a James Bond movie.

6. Hugh Jackman and crew preparing for a scene in X-men: Days of Future Past

7. This is how Jar Jar Binks looks in reality.

8. Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and David Fincher on the set of Fight Club

9. Bruce Willis on the set of Die Hard

10. Filming the tesseract scene in Interstellar

11. Hulk is actually not that scary

12. A bonfire scene in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

13. Brad Pitt is surprised at the special effects in Deadpool 2.

14. This is how Hollow Man was filmed.

Bonus: This is how the Chinese version of The Matrix was filmed. You can see here how the shooting of the original movie went.

Would you like to visit the sets and see everything with your own eyes? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit Mymbaka / pikabu


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