Cinephiles Found Curious Details in 10 Movies We Haven’t Noticed Before

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It’s no secret that making a movie is a difficult job. Directors create these stories for us and every single second of a good movie has a certain idea behind it. Some moments have hidden meanings and references to some cryptic things we’re supposed to figure out. But even huge fans and people very familiar with filmmaking often miss interesting and quite important details while watching a movie. Thankfully, there are some folks that have found these quirks in the old ones and shared them with everyone else.

Bright Side suggests that you take a look at these unexpected details we’ve captured from famous movies which are hard to catch if you’re not looking for them. They will make you love these movies even more than before.

10. Batman Begins

At the end of the first part of the trilogy that Christopher Nolan directed, Commissioner Gordon gives Batman a piece of evidence (a Joker card) that has a tag on it. At the bottom, you can see the name J. Kerr, which is a reference to one of the Joker’s nicknames, Joseph Kerr.

9. Harry Potter movies

The Warner Bros. intro of every next movie becomes darker and darker just like the movies themselves. Looks like a really huge fan noticed this, when he was rewatching all the parts in a row.

8. Hercules

In one of the scenes, Hercules puts on a lion’s skin. Few people notice this, but if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s the skin of Scar from The Lion King.

7. Prometheus

In the episode where the android David looks at a drop on his finger, you can see the sign of Weyland-Yutani Corp on his fingerprint. Very few people noticed that because almost all viewers were looking at the drop, just like David.

6. Batman Returns

In Tim Burton’s Batman movie, there’s a scene where you can see that Selina Kyle’s glasses make a shadow that looks like a mask. This really easy-to-miss moment hints at her transformation into Catwoman.

5. American Beauty

According to the director’s idea, Lester’s reflection on the monitor of his office computer demonstrates his emotions about his job. The screen, which looks like a prison cell, shows that there is no hope.

4. Home Alone

In the movie about Kevin McCallister’s adventures, there’s one more movie that was filmed especially for Home Alone. Everyone remembers it from the episode where Kevin, enjoying his alone time, watches a noir movie. According to someone with a really keen eye for detail, this movie was specially shot for this scene.

3. Fargo

During a phone conversation, Carl tells Jerry that he has only 30 minutes to get the money, or his family will be killed. This phrase is said exactly 30 minutes before the end of the movie itself.

2. In The Matrix, raindrops look like the code

1. Jurassic World

The device that tracks the physical state of the soldiers during the hunt in the jungle shows the same heart rate in all the men.

Which of the facts surprised you the most? Do you know any other facts about other movies? Tell us in the comment section below!

Please note: This article was updated in August 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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