14 Honest Comics That Show the Difference Between Having the First and Second Child

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5 years ago

Every mom and dad know how different it is to have their first child vs the children after that. This is because their experience, knowledge, and skills grow as well as their leniency and sense of humor.

Bright Side made these comics to show how different it is to have the first child and the second one.

The delivery of the first child is a fear of the unknown, while with the second one, it’s the acceptance of the inevitable.

The first child gives priceless knowledge which makes raising the second child so much easier.

Every step of the first child is documented while keeping the steps of the second one isn’t as strict.

The firstborn’s achievements get way more attention too.

Clothing younger children is somewhat of a tradition for all parents.

Microbes seem to be a problem only with the first baby.

Safety of both kids is 2 different stories with the participation of the same parents.

Risk is also perceived differently.

First meals with solid foods demand more attention with the first child.

The level of being “unclean” is so much different between the first and second children.

As soon as the second baby arrives, the first child has to learn how to share.

When the number of children grows, parents’ “who cares?” attitude also grows.

Because they are always in a good company.

All parents’ weariness, cares and sleepless nights are nothing compared to the happiness children bring them.

Could you add something to this list of differences between having the first and second child? Tell us in the comments below.

Illustrated by Anna Syrovatkina for Bright Side


First child brings out your fear & lack of confidence despite abundant information, 2nd child brings out your natural instincts..that of affection & happiness.. it's a very natural phenomenon, nobody can help this!

The first child suffers a bit due to over-attention but so does the 2nd child.. who pretty much fends for himself/herself, works that much harder for only a fraction of attention.

And the parents? They are supremely happy!! With both & due to both.
No, you'd be surprised how little it would cost to have two or three children after you bought the stuff you need for one!
Love to have lots of kids, but with my budget, I think 1 child would be ok. Am I right?

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