14 Makeup Mistakes That Ruin Your Whole Look

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5 years ago

The female participants of this study agreed that makeup enhances their beauty and makes them look healthier by diminishing all the spots and paleness that would otherwise be visible. In that manner, it is quite understandable why women would try to achieve the perfect makeup look by trying different techniques. However, makeup is a form of art and like every other form of artistic expression, practice makes perfect! In order to achieve this level of perfection, you have to make a few mistakes to learn from.

Bright Side searched for 14 of the most common makeup mistakes that ruin our looks and destroy our skin on a daily basis.

1. Applying makeup on dry skin

Many women make the mistake of applying makeup on completely dry skin. The first step is to exfoliate once a week and apply a rich moisturizer afterward. Women with extremely dry skin should apply moisturizer and even a primer before putting on their foundation. It would also be very beneficial if you carried some toner in your bag for refreshing your makeup. Finally, dry skin doesn’t go well with powder makeup, so you’re better off sticking to cream products or asking a professional to give you advice.

2. Applying matte lipstick on dry lips

If your lips get flakey after taking off your lipstick, it is probably because you are using a matte lipstick without moisturizing your lips first. Like you need to do with the rest of your face, you should exfoliate and moisturize the lips once a week and keep them in good shape for applying your lipstick. The best thing you can do is add a lip primer right before you put on your lipstick. The primer will not compromise the matte effect of the lipstick like a moisturizer would, and it will make it look even bolder.

3. Not changing foundations as you get older

As you get older, many things change — including the elasticity of your skin. Your face droops in certain spots that used to be tight and wrinkles appear in various areas. This means that the foundation you’ve been using when you were younger could highlight these areas instead of hide them. Changing your foundation based on the needs of your skin is vital and you’d better stick to liquid foundation since it will keep your skin hydrated.

4. Pumping your mascara wand too much

The bad habit of pumping your mascara wand in and out of the tube is terrible and it should be avoided. Too much pumping forces air into the tube, inviting bacteria inside that causes your mascara to dry out sooner. Also, the bristles of the products become overloaded, making your lashes look all clumpy. What you need to do is take out the wand and twist it slightly at the end to remove all the excess product.

5. Not blending your makeup down to the neck

When putting on their makeup, many women forget to blend below the jawline. This bad habit creates an unsightly look since the difference is very obvious and not flattering at all. The best way to fix this issue is to blend your makeup under the jawline so that it doesn’t create a noticeable line. Whether you’re using liquid or powder foundation, remember to apply some of it on the lower parts of your face down to the middle of your neck.

6. Testing foundation on the wrong spots of your body

One of the most common mistakes is testing makeup shades on your hands. Unfortunately, your hands could have more redness than your face, something that will indicate the wrong shade. You should test the different shades on your jawline to have a more definitive example of what each shade looks on you. For lip colors, you should ask for a counter sample and try it with a clean brush on your lips.

7. Not changing your foundation during the summer

The same way you change your clothing as the weather changes, you should change the shade of foundation that you use. 9 out of 10 people have a complexion 1 to 4 tones darker during the summer due to exposure to the sun. The foundation that they’d been using during the winter will probably look very pale if used during the summer. This calls for a change in order to look as natural as possible and not call attention to your face for all the wrong reasons.

8. Using too much glue on your fake eyelashes

When putting on your false eyelashes, it is of utmost importance to use the right amount of glue and not overuse it. Many women overuse it and end up with unflattering-looking lashes. What you need to do is put a small amount of glue on it with a brush and let it dry for 40-50 seconds. Even if the packaging says less time, you should leave it on for more since the drier the glue is, the better it will stick on your lashes. Don’t forget to put a bit more glue at the ends of the lashes that tend to come off faster.

9. Never cleaning your brushes

If you think that washing your brushes isn’t anything to worry about, you should think again. Dirty brushes invite harmful bacteria that can cause skin irritation and acne. Also, if your makeup makes you break out, it is probably because you are rubbing all that bacteria onto your skin along with it. You should wash your brushes once a week so that they will last as long as possible. Keep in mind that brushes are an important investment that could last you a lifetime.

10. Keeping your makeup products in the bathroom

If you’ve always wondered why your mom kept her lipstick in the fridge, it’s time you knew the reason. Many beauty products contain natural oils and waxes that can be destroyed when exposed to high temperatures, especially during the summer. This means that you should make some room in the fridge to store your eye cream, perfume, nail polishes, facial masks, eyeliner, and lipsticks. This way their pigmentation won’t get cakey after a while and they will be fresher everytime you use them.

11. You’re failing at contouring

Ever since Kim Kardashian started contouring, many women have started to follow this method by endlessly watching tutorials on YouTube. However, if you’re about to do it wrong, don’t do it at all. Contouring comes down to 4 basic steps: you apply your basic foundation and a lighter tone on your forehead, cheekbones, nose, and jawline. If you do that right, all you need to do is blend and the result won’t fail you. On the other hand, if you don’t feel sure about your technique, avoid contouring altogether. Your makeup will look great without all that.

12. Forgetting to curl your lashes or doing it wrong

If you love your lashes and want them to look ravishing, you cannot ignore using a curler. First of all, you should never curl your lashes after applying mascara, since that could lead to breakage. Then, you should remember to be tender to your lashes and not apply too much pressure that will ultimately break them and give them an unrealistic curve. Instead, you should keep the curler on each eye for about 10-15 seconds and then apply your mascara.

13. Not wearing sunscreen before applying your foundation

Most women don’t realize the amount of harm they’re causing their skin when they expose it to UV rays without applying sunscreen first. Dr. Bruce Katz advises women to apply a physical (non-chemical) sunscreen under their makeup until it is fully absorbed. If you think that the SPF your makeup already contains is enough, you are wrong. The level of protection it offers is very low and a separate sunscreen is needed. Besides that, sunscreen lotion is a great base for your foundation.

14. Overdoing it with the brows

Filling in your brows with the exact same color as your natural hair is a habitual mistake many women make. A mistake like this can make your brows and face look too harsh overall. Instead of that, you should first use a thin, angled brush so that the hair on your brows will look as natural as possible. Then, you can start filling by mixing different powder shades in order to give your brows the color that suits them best and blends perfectly with your complexion.

How many of the above mistakes are you currently making during your makeup routine? Please share your thoughts with us down in the comment section.


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