14 Makeup Tricks for Lazy Girls to Look Gorgeous

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2 years ago

Women spend 335 hours a year on their appearance. This means that girls spend 2 weeks a year purely applying makeup and grooming themselves. But this time could easily be reduced if you know a couple of secrets.

Yes, ubiquitous advertising and videos of beauty bloggers assure us that applying makeup is an important task. But who said that you can’t stay beautiful without spending every free minute of your time on this activity?

We at Bright Side decided to save some time on makeup and found 14 tricks that will be useful for those who never have enough time or simply feel too lazy to draw perfect lines on their eyes.

How to apply mascara neatly:

Even the neatest girls sometimes get mascara on their eyelid while doing their eyelashes. To avoid this, try to hold a folded piece of paper or a business card behind your lashes.

How to glue false eyelashes accurately:

If you’ve ever tried to glue on false eyelashes, then you know how difficult it can be. To prevent excess glue from staining your eyelashes or getting into your eye, apply it with a bobby pin.

Use concealer instead of primer.

Before using eye shadow, apply some primer to your lids. Apply concealer only when you run out of primer because the latter will help your makeup last longer and make the colors brighter.

Quick makeup for eyes

If making up your eyes is an uphill task, try to use cream shadows instead of regular ones. You can apply cream eye shadows both on your eyelid and under your lower lashes with your finger. Quick “smoky eyes” are ready.

2 brushes in one

You can use bobby pins to turn a blusher brush into a flat contouring brush. It will be as good as one from a shop.

Use a spoon for eye makeup.

To avoid one eye shadow color smudging or overlapping another one, hold a spoon to your eyelid, and apply the shadow above it.

Mascara for eyelashes and eyebrows

You can use eyelash mascara for coloring your brows (if they are not too light). Moreover, you will not have to spend extra money for an extra item in your cosmetic bag.

First eyes, then everything else!

In order to prevent shadows or mascara crumbling in the process of applying and spoiling your perfect look, first do your eyes, and then shift to toning and lips.

Simple mono makeup

Cream cosmetic items are convenient and do not require special brushes, and so they are very good to experiment with. Cream lipstick can easily turn into eye shadow if you rub it with your fingers. It’s a good idea for a mono makeup. Moreover, if the color is not very bright, you can try to use a lipstick as a blush as well.

How to turn day makeup into evening makeup:

If you need to quickly turn your day makeup into an evening makeup, it is enough to keep a bright lipstick or an eyeliner in your cosmetic bag. Don’t forget about highlighters and blushes — they are good helpers in the “you have 5 minutes to transform” situation.

Use Vaseline instead of mascara.

Good news! There is no need to always use mascara to look beautiful. Vaseline can be a good alternative. All you need to do is get yourself an eyelash curler, put some Vaseline on it, and apply it to your eyelashes. It will make your lashes darker, but the makeup itself will be subtle, making your look more sober. Moreover, unlike mascara, this cheap and readily available remedy will prevent your lashes from falling off.

You can also use different oils enriched with vitamins and aloe vera to promote the growth of your eyelashes.

Use coconut oil instead of your night cream.

We are all aware of the benefits that coconut oil gives to our bodies. But did you know that you can use it instead of your night cream? Just apply it to your face, and leave it overnight. You will be surprised with the results in the morning. Not only does it nourish the skin, it also helps to fight wrinkles.

Universal items

Modern cosmetics allow you to save both time and money — lipsticks, blushes, and shadows, for example, can be replaced with one stick. Another option is to choose your universal color, which is the one that suits you the best. It will be much easier to do your makeup, and it will save your precious time as well.

Foundation for eye shadows can be used for lips too.

Foundation (primer) for eye shadows can make your lipstick last longer. Simply apply it to your lips, and use a lipstick over it.

Do you spend much time on makeup? Please tell us if you have a proven method to become beautiful without taking too much time.

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