14 Photos Taken at the Best Moment Ever

2 years ago

A lot can change between the moment we get behind the lens of a camera and the second we click to take the photo. Sometimes we might get lucky and capture the most unanticipated snap from a scene that, otherwise, seemed beautiful but rather ordinary. This is why when the timing is on point, a photo has the power of revealing secrets that our eyes would have not noticed in a million years.

Bright Side is fascinated by how things can totally change in just a fraction of a second. We’ll share 14 special photos that immortalized a situation in the most captivating ways possible.

1. ’’My fiancée caught the moment my dog farted on my lap.’’

2. ’’I managed to catch this balloon popping on my phone.’’

3. ’’My daughter appears to be standing on the water.’’

4. ’’I tried to take a picture of the sunset while driving, and a bird totally ruined my shot.’’

5. ’’The moment my daughter found ’the golden egg’’’

6. ’’This hummingbird caught me taking his photo.’’

7. ’’My friend, Rudolf’’

8. ’’I caught the clock at the right time yesterday.’’

9. ’’I took this picture with my phone and a pair of binoculars from my window. Baby storks are very cute.’’

10. ’’My wife was framed by a double rainbow in Hawaii.’’

11. ’’I took this picture at the perfect time.’’

12. ’’My wife managed to capture the least manly shot of me launching fireworks.’’

13. ’’I caught my crow buddy mid-blink, making her look very sinister.’’

14. ’’This family that photobombed us’’

How often do you take photos? Were you even surprised by a snapshot that turned out to be completely different from what you had in mind when you clicked on your camera?

Preview photo credit mattym00/Reddit


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