How the Human Body Will Change in the Far Future

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There can be different scenarios for the future of humans. Researchers use digital tools to study how technology itself will play a role in the evolution of our bodies. There is also a water world scenario for when the sea levels begin to rise up.

We at Bright Side summed up several studies and we want to share some conclusions that were made about human evolution with you.

We’ll develop a second set of eyelids.

A high-tech future may bring some changes in human bodies, researchers guesstimate. Besides tech neck, people may end up with a second set of eyelids. They could help to filter out excess light from our technology devices.

The inner eyelid could get bigger to block incoming blue, green, yellow, or red light.

Our hands will look more like claws.

After long periods and years of holding smartphones, by the year 2100, a human may have hands that will be molded into a claw-like grip. It will be called a “text claw.
Besides, the elbow will probably be bent at a 90-degree angle.

Teeth will get smaller.

Anthropologists suggest that teeth will continue to get smaller in future generations. There is no need to have large, strong teeth for survival purposes.
Besides shrinking teeth, the jaw could get smaller too. It will be more like a lifestyle disease than a genetic one.

Human feet will get larger.

Climate change could lead to humans growing webbed feet and bigger toes. It could happen in the case of a “water world” if sea levels rise.

Noses will get bigger.

Nose sizes could increase on average in the future. It may help cold air to be warmed when inhaled. And it will be the result of climate change, not genetics. Again, this scenario could happen in the case of a water world.

The metamorphosis of the human face in the distant future

We rounded up several theories and this is how people may look according to researchers. Of course, we don’t know what the climate will be like even 100 years from now or if technology and the sea levels rising will be the main reasons for evolution, but at least now we can start doing everything to stop global ecological problems in future.

Where do you think the evolution of the human body is headed? Do you believe in drastic climate changes?

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