14 Things You’ll Hardly Ever See on a French Woman

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4 years ago

French women are associated with having perfect taste, great style, and extraordinary chicness inherent only to them. One of the main principles in their image is in the amount of everything they wear from their footwear to their makeup. And there’s a lot we can learn from them!

Bright Side invites you to take a look at what concepts and principles you’re better off not following, especially if you’re inspired by the styles of Sophie Marceau and Marion Cotillard.

1. Stockings and tights of a nude color

There are many notes and advice from stylists that refer to nude tights as a must-have. However, wearing them to walk along Champs-Élysées is not always a good thing to do. Your legs should either be naked, in trousers, or in tights or stockings in black or other dark colors. Imitating open skin in places where it’s not open is a sign of bad taste, according to French ladies.

2. Push-up bras

The heroine of Charlotte Gainsbourg in Nymphomaniac by Lars von Trier has started a fashion boom for small-breasted women in France. Having smaller breasts has never been considered a disadvantage in France but today, pushing the breasts up artificially and making them look larger is considered bad taste. French women prove that true “oomph” doesn’t depend on the size of breasts, but rather, in the energy that the person has. That’s why you should stay away from constrictive bras or push-up bras when choosing lingerie. To convey a more French vibe, opt for soft, feminine lace.

3. Too many accessories

There’s an active law in French fashion — the more accessories you have, the simpler the overall clothes should be. Wearing a colorful skirt, shoes, and a couple of bracelets together with a necklace and earrings is a horrible thing according to most French women. As a rule, you should opt for just one thing: either it’s bright clothing, eye-catching accessories, or a bright bag or belt.

4. Vivid logos of popular brands

French bloggers write that true confidence hides in the way you behave, not in bright logos on all your clothes. That’s why wearing footwear and bags with noticeable logos on them is in bad taste. It’s considered to be in even worse taste when a logo is on several elements of your overall look.

5. One should wear a city style only if they’re in the city.

French women are considered brave if they use elements of their beach wardrobe when walking through the city. If you’re in a summer mood and it’s warm outside, why not wear a summer dress and enhance the look with the help of espadrilles and a wide-brimmed hat? French women don’t feel embarrassed about wearing such looks — even if they’re not walking along the boardwalk.

6. A deliberately thoughtful, perfect image

Wearing beautiful makeup and a perfect hairdo is a sign of bad taste, according to French women. Leaving your home looking as if you’re off to a photoshoot for a glamour magazine is something they simply don’t do. French women like to have a tinge of inaccuracy and a slight incompleteness in their look. A hairdo should look as though it was combed through briefly and nothing more. It gives French ladies a carefree vibe which men seem to like. They don’t turn people off with their perfect, doll-like looks.

7. Noticeable muscle relief

The golden standard of Brigitte Bardot’s sophisticated style is still alive and well in France. That’s why French ladies like to enhance their waist and slender legs instead of getting muscular abs and buttocks for the sake of glamour. It’s important for them to remain feminine and tender. A simple, graceful, and slim body is the ideal shape in their eyes.

8. Neglecting blazers

The wardrobe of any French woman has no fewer than a dozen various blazers and jackets for all life situations. They’re true fans of this wardrobe and can enhance any look with their help. In a situation where other women would put on a leather or sports jacket, a French woman will opt for an elegantly fitted blazer.

9. Extremely high heels or platforms

French stylists write that they see extremely high shoes a-la Lady Gaga in nightmares. Such shoes add considerable height to women as well as make them look more extravagant. But at the same time, it inevitably makes their look more defiant. French ladies appreciate classical femininity, avoiding too many obnoxious elements. When choosing shoes, they abide by the following principle: one should only wear heels that will be comfortable to walk in.

10. A scornful attitude toward the style of mothers and grandmothers

The women of older generations are true style icons for French ladies. They look up to them more than they do modern fashion. Oftentimes, it becomes hard to distinguish a mother from a daughter in a pair of women walking on the street because they both look so elegant.

11. Wearing bulky items without enhancing the waist

Bulky clothing is okay only in situations that call for that type of style. In all other cases, French women try to outline their waist. It’s important for them to feel elegant and fragile and it’s quite difficult to get this feeling while wearing bulky clothes.

12. Giving up on oneself due to age

Nothing can stop a French woman from looking elegant and sophisticated even at an older age. It’s impossible for a French lady to stop taking care of her look after age 50 or 60 — style is in her blood! That’s why when walking along French streets and peeking into cafes, you can see many mature ladies of various ages wearing graceful, elegant clothing.

13. Coats made of natural fur worn by young ladies

Wearing natural furs at the age of 20 is equal to wearing a Chanel logo on your bag, shoes, and belt at the same time. Natural furs in France are indicators of status and age, which means they look odd on younger girls.

14. Worry and anxiety on the face

The French philosopher, Michel de Montaigne wrote, “The most certain sign of wisdom is cheerfulness.” And he was right. Grumpy, arrogant, serious women turn other people off. That’s why once you approach a French woman and ask her something, she will always answer back with a smile even if she’s dealing with issues in her life.

Do you agree with the principles of French style? Which of your regular fashion staples do you think it would be difficult to ditch? Which of them are you not ready to part with no matter what? We’d be glad to hear from you in the comments!


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Wearing vivid logos of popular brands is one of the worst bad habits women have in daily life. It shows me that they have a very low self esteem and they just want to brag about being able to buy such expensive fashion. I have never bought anything with a logo even if the item was very beautiful because if those companies want me to walk around as "living advertising" for them, then they have to pay me something and not i pay expensive prices for making advertisement for their brand. I always roll my eyes when I see people with logos of brands on clothes, shoes or bags - the bigger the better. And to top the bad taste, most of the items are even fake.

Compliment to the French Ladies, great article.


as much as I like french style, I still think that wearing furs is unnecessary for young and older ladies. The way those things are made is cruel.. I think such items should be banned from the stores.

Fake fur looks just as good.


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