15 Abandoned Places That Are Left With Nothing but Distant Memories

2 years ago

Once upon a time, all of these abandoned places were thriving and full of life. But now, they hold nothing but old stories and memories. Whether they hold broken glass, dusty tables, or moldy walls — these places are guaranteed to have years of stories behind them.

The Bright Side team scouted the Internet to create a compilation of some of the most mesmerizing and abandoned locations for our readers.

1. “Ice covers the interior of an abandoned apartment north of the Arctic Circle in Russia.”

2. “An abandoned tennis court we came across in Kauai”

3. “Visited my grandpa’s house and fell in love with his abandoned pool.”

4. “An abandoned church in Gary, Indiana”

5. “A ghost town full of houses like this in Scenic, South Dakota”

6. “I found a door (and nothing else) on an abandoned beach.”

7. “An abandoned house in Wilkinsburg, PA being taken over by nature”

8. “The abandoned Pontiac Silverdome”

9. “These chairs look like they belong in a castle.”

10. “Abandoned presidents’ heads in a rural Virginia field”

11. “This house was abandoned and reclaimed by the desert in California.”

12. “Before it was abandoned, this used to be the only conch farm in the world.”

13. “My great-grandfather’s house, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”

14. “This is an abandoned florist shop, but there are still plenty of plants inside.”

15. “An overgrown fairy gate in Hungary”

Which picture impressed you the most? Have you ever visited an abandoned place?

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