19 Witty Illustrations From a Russian Artist That Show Things We Avoid Talking About

3 years ago

If you’re tired of your everyday routine, take a look at the Instagram page of the Russian artist Anton Gudim. His nontraditional illustrations will make you look at ordinary situations in a different light. Anton depicts modern society in a humorous way, so you’ll feel like laughing and crying at the same time.

At Bright Side, we would like to show you the latest works of this talented illustrator.


Will you marry me?

Let your inner child run free.

The power of imagination

Life is unfair.

Hm, interesting theory

Free the deer!

Now, it’s clear.

A bar for mosquitoes

On the bus, at the movies, at home — it’s always with you.

Be careful, it’s contagious.

Good morning!

Cutting through the clouds

Trendy tights

A scoop of vanilla ice-cream, please.

Don’t be like others.

Minus one

New technology

Park your car correctly.

What do you think of this artist’s work? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit gudim_public / Instagram


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