15 Animals That Tried to Scare Us but Ended Up Looking Adorable

3 years ago

Animals can go mad and get crazy. Or at least they can try to convince us that they’re strong and scary. But they don’t realize how funny and lovely they look at that moment. And this naivety makes them even more adorable.

These animals didn’t succeed at scaring Bright Side. We, on the contrary, couldn’t stop gushing as we looked at them. Let’s see what reaction you’ll have.

1. Seconds before the scary jump

2. “Let me out!”

3. “Just touch his belly and he flips over to challenge you to try again, with this face, every time.”

4. “You’d better not touch my needles.”

5. When you command someone to take over the world:

6. “I’m a boss!”

7. “I will show you my claws.”

8. When you’re frighteningly beautiful:

9. Fluffy wants to show its smile!

10. “You shouldn’t say anything about my ears.”

11. When your friend is too emotional:

12. Finding a path to freedom can make anyone angry.

13. “BOO!”

14. Trying to be scary while being sweet

15. “Hey, don’t mess with me...”

Do these animals scare you or melt your heart? Does your pet ever try to look scary?

Preview photo credit GermanSuplexingHorses / Imgur


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