15+ Animals Who Are Totally Nailing the Imitation Game

2 years ago

A few years ago, a Tamaskan dog, named Luchta, appeared in the play The Crucible on Broadway. He played the role of the wolf and looked so convincing that the audience didn’t realize he was actually a dog at first sight. And that is not the only example of a perfect imitation in the animal world. Some species have mastered the ability of impersonation so well that even nature would be surprised.

Bright Side admires animals and wants you to see pictures that show how awesome they can disguise their appearance and still stay stunning!

1. — “Dad, is that a baby grizzly?”


— “No, honey, it’s a pomeranian mix puppy!”

2. This Maine coon looks like a cat squirrel.

3. This is not a bear, just a small puppy.

4. A leopard-looking Bengal cat

5. The Mangalitsa pigs are naturally covered with wool, regardless of the season.

6. The Illioneus giant owl is actually a butterfly.

7. “Mommy brought home a small white seal...which, in reality, was a teacup puppy!”

8. “We washed our samoyed pup. Turns out he was a polar bear all along!”

9. Who’s first to finish?

10. Please, call someone to conduct a DNA test!

11. The lower stick here is actually a walking stick insect.

12. The Tamaskan dog looks like a link between dog and wolf.

13. A swimming bunny? Nope, that’s a sea slug!

14. A chevrotain strolling around the woods

15. “Could you bear to think that this is not a bear?”

16. This dog looks like a koala.

Have you seen any examples of other “impostors” like these? Please share their photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit juliaolimpian / instagram


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