15+ Artists Who Perfectly Knew the Recipe to Happiness

2 years ago

It doesn’t necessarily take a Picasso piece to awaken in us a feeling of great awe. Sometimes a simple creation will do when it’s made with passion. Moreover, when a gift is well-thought-out and created especially for us, it often goes a longer way than a sophisticated and pricey present.

At Bright Side, we decided to shine a spotlight on the works of 16 artists who have put their heart and soul into their creations in order to make a loved one happy or just add a spark of joy in the eyes of a random stranger.

1. “A talented tattoo artist knew exactly how to recreate, in ink, my 6-year-old’s ’artwork’ on my arm.”

2. “This origami heart made out of a dollar my mom’s coworker gave me!”

3. “I’ve been sneaking around the hospital at night to leave these handmade acts of crochet kindness in high traffic areas.”

4. “My grandma said she ’only’ got me pizza for Christmas.”

5. “My roommates and I made Post Malone out of Post-its on our apartment wall.”

6. “I moved to Germany and one of my students made me this miniature book as a going away gift: J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.”

7. “Chimichanga just LOVES the sweater I made for him!”

8. “I made these little guys out of wool, hope they brighten your day!”

9. “My wife made me this Game of Thrones docking station.”

10. “I crocheted the Ninja Turtles for my nephew.”

11. “A mom asked me if I can make a necklace for her 12-year-old daughter who is a big fan of cats.”

“She lost 3 of the many cats she owns and drew them to keep their memory alive.”

12. “Ollie next to the painting he got for Christmas”

13. “My cast comes off tomorrow, but I am almost sad to take off my boyfriend’s painting.”

14. “I make handmade stained glass pet portraits.”

15. “My dad is an artist and he made this New York-style cat house. It even has little lights inside and under the movie sign.”

16. “A giant blue snow dragon in my town”

Which of these creations spoke to your heart the most? We’d love for you to share your opinion with us.

Preview photo credit munleymun/Reddit


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