15 Babysitters That Were Just Doing Their Jobs but Ended Up in a Story Full of Twists

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3 years ago

Some parents hire a babysitter when what they actually need is a lion tamer, a janitor, and a psychologist. But despite all these difficulties, many babysitters really love their jobs and they are not ready to do anything different.

We at Bright Side came across some stories from babysitters. Careful: some of them are really hard to believe.

  • A lady tried to dump 2 extra kids on me without paying when she realized I was babysitting her neighbor’s kids. Her rationale was that I was already babysitting 2 kids and 2 more wasn’t that much, so I should just watch her kids for free and let them eat her neighbor’s food. © CaptDeliciousPants / Reddit
  • So, it is that time of the month for me. I go into the bathroom, and while unwrapping a feminine hygiene product, the kid I was babysitting yells from outside the door, “I can hear you eating candy in there!” It made my day, and made me wish that I was really eating candy. © HalleysComet5 / Reddit

  • I put the kid to sleep, his mom comes up to me and says, “if you’re looking for something to do...” Today I actually responded, “I’m not. I am resting,” and she just stared at me for a whole minute. © throaway22io / Reddit

  • I was in the living room, watching TV, when all of a sudden I hear a man say, “Hello.” I check the front door, look out the window at the driveway, and see that the parents aren’t home. I go upstairs and check the kids, they’re both still in bed. I go back downstairs and hear it again from the darkened dining room: “Hello. I am Armando.” They had a parrot! © unknown author / Reddit

  • I’m an experienced nanny, and I’m offered good money for my job. But I wasn’t able to say “no” to a mute single mother. She asked me to come to her place for a couple of hours to talk to her daughter. The woman was afraid that she wouldn’t grow up to be a normal person without communication. I did this job for free because I couldn’t refuse. © “Podslushano” / Ideer

  • I know you all assumed that YOU were the meanest nannies in the world, simply because you have been told that by your nanny kids at some point. But you are wrong because today a 5-year-old declared that it was me. Because I would not let her dump apple juice on the dog. I am a monster. © Thechoosingestbeggar / Reddit

  • I had an affair with my boss. I met his 9-year-old daughter from his first marriage and we got along very well. We went to museums all together, to concerts, like a really good family. He introduced me to his mom, I was friends with his daughter, and I even started thinking about the future. But all my dreams shattered into pieces when, on his birthday, he introduced me to his friends and his new girlfriend as his daughter’s new NANNY. © “Podslushano” / Ideer
  • I’m also a nanny, and I heard her first word (it was hippo!). But the family won’t ever know that. It’s better to keep some secrets. © positivityfox / Reddit
  • The family I work for has a tiny Poodle/Yorkie mix who the mother of the family despises. The dog is very well-behaved, she’s just never been one for animals. They have these 2 fluffy pillows on their couch, and while the parents are away the dog likes to sleep on them. It leaves a distinct dent in their otherwise perfect fluff. The mother will scold the puppy for doing this and he just looks so sad and heartbroken. So every day I quickly hurry downstairs before the mother gets home, re-fluff the pillows, and go back upstairs. The puppy has not been scolded in months. That’s my confession. And I don’t regret it. © nannybabywhisperer / Reddit

  • 2 of the kids I babysit for regularly love playing this game where I roll them up in a blanket and tie a skipping rope around them (the rope is never tight or even properly tied and they’re laying down on the ground so no chance of falling!). They think it’s the funniest thing ever to be rolled up and then quickly unrolled. But all I can think about is what their parents might think if they were to walk in while the kids were rolled in a blanket and tied up. © CrayonTehSanuki / Reddit

  • I’m not a nanny, but I’ve been babysitting a girl on and off from when she was 5 to 7 now. Her: What is that? Me: Pineapple Her: Oh I’ve never had pineapple... Me:...Do you want to try it? She does this about everything too. I asked her mom if she had ever had pineapple and she was like, of course she has!! Then I realized she’s just trying to eat my food hahaha. © Kacidillaa / Reddit

  • How much for extra kids? We’ve got 2 extra kids in the house for 2 weeks. They are potty trained, but they make a huge mess and need tons of attention. They are noisy and wake the baby and ask a million questions. How much extra would you charge? They are 66 and 67, if that makes any difference. © Xility / Reddit

  • So the father of the family works for a major athletic apparel company and every year they need to test the upcoming year’s potential pieces (right now they’re testing for the 2021 line.) To do that, the company sends one of every potential piece to all of the female employees and female spouses. Well, the mother is pregnant right now and can’t fit into any of the items, so the father made me a cup of tea and asked me to sit down in the living room (this is what he does whenever he wants to talk to me about something) and says, “I know we’re not paying you to do this, but would you be willing to test all of the sample pieces my company sent me? You can keep them afterward.” Y’all, no kidding, he just handed me 6 boxes of athletic clothing that has to total thousands of dollars. © pineappleprincesspie / Reddit

  • Browsing through care jobs and opened a job posting where the first line was, “My daughter is our first child and she is very advanced for her age.” Well, she’s 7 WEEKS OLD. I can’t even... © Siatri / Reddit

  • I started working as a babysitter. I was supposed to live with the family. 2 kids — a boy and a girl, their mother and grandmother. It was a very good family. The children were well-behaved, the money was good, the food... But my world shook on the very first day. The women don’t wear clothes in the apartment! When they saw my startled face, they said, “We’re all women... Don’t be shy, you’ll get used to it!” © “Podslushano” / Ideer

Have you had any funny situations happen to you when you were babysitting? Tell us in the comment section below!

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i was babysitting for a friend and after her 5 year old was in bed, she called and told me not to be alarmed if the child's father came to the apartment. No problem. He then propositioned me and offered me money to have sex with him. Turns out my "friend's" side job was prostitution! Our friendship ended that night.


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