15 Bath Gadgets With Hundreds of 5-Star Reviews and the Best Rates on Amazon

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67% of people usually wash in the morning. If only there was a morning helper that can speed up all of your early routine and help you to start a day with a smile and good vibes.

Bright Side understands it and prepared a list of bath gadgets that already have proven their utility and good performance with hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon.

1. Turn your tub into a jacuzzi with organic & natural bath bombs.

Promising review:

LOVE these bath bombs. My daughter is obsessed with bombs in the bath, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune. These are amazing. They aren’t huge, but they are lovely bright rainbow colors and smell wonderful. They have been turning the bath some nice colors, but nothing too crazy and have not left any residue in the bath. I only marked the packaging down a star because there is so much of it. You get a box, with 2 boxes inside, and then each bomb is individually wrapped twice. — KatieG

2. Pamper your baby with a hot tub.

Promising reviews:

This is great, our newborn is 7 weeks now and the best thing is he can sit up on his own due to the back support, which can make it easier to bath especially if you are on your own!
The only downside which doesn’t bother me but one to bear in mind is we bought the white one, it’s been stained where he pees in the bath!! — louisa

3. Get more relaxation with a bath pillow.

Promising review:

I much prefer a bath to a shower but don’t always want to wash my hair, most bath pillows absorb water, therefore, ensuring that your hair gets wet. This does not, it is perfect. Yes, be careful when removing to clean behind it, a gentle fingernail under the suction cup easily lifts it off, don’t simply pull it.
I fold the top over so that it fits into my neck, really supportive if you have neck problems. It is comfier to slice the 2 sucker cups off the bit I fold over, but that is my choice.
The price is excellent, don’t hesitate! — nchamp

4. Soften your feet with a glass callus remover foot file.

Promising review:

OMG, YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS: I always use a glass nail file and I love them.
I didn’t even know there was one for hard skin. This is absolutely brilliant I cannot recommend it enough. Leaves skin lovely and smooth add a little moisturizer and the job is done!!
I rarely give reviews but this product truly deserves one. — Amazon Customer

5. Scrub your back easily with this long back scrubber.

Promising review:

I am disabled and can’t reach certain areas of the body whilst in the shower. This is just the job. I like that it has 2 sets of bristles, the soft is excellent for reaching those delicate areas, and the harder for my legs and feet. It is very good quality and was delivered very quickly. I recommend this bath brush well worth the money. — mrs s macdonald

6. Store water in your sink or tub and release it just in one click.

Promising reviews:

A beautiful addition to my bathroom sink and easy to install. Very happy with purchase — moejoemk

This pop-up sink plug arrived very quickly and was easy to install. It fitted perfectly and works just fine. — NSH

7. Looking for a durable basin mixer tap? Glance at this one.

Promising reviews:

I absolutely love this tap. I bought it at least over 6 months ago now and use it every day and it still looks as good as new. Feels so sturdy and the color is beautiful. A complete bargain at the price it is and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is on the hunt for a brushed gold tap. My only comment is that there are the blue and red temperature indicator marks on the top which I would choose not to have given the option. However, would definitely buy it again! — helen harris

8. Struggling while shaving or exfoliating your legs? Here is a solution.

Promising reviews:

As I’m of an age where bending down in the shower to shave my legs is inconvenient and dangerous this footrest is fabulous, it’s sturdy discreet, easy to fit, and folds flat to the wall. I love it. — Amazon Customer

Very well made, with good fixings. A simple design that works well. — Dad

9. A functional bath toy for your kid

Promising review:

First-time father and yes, I’m one of those who over protective. I couldn’t get my head around how other parents would say just feel the water. By doing that the temperature of the water is never consistent. By using this device it tells me the temperature of my daughter’s bath as well as a fun toy for her to play with. It put my mind at ease. Great item. — Gavin

10. Take a massage with a high pressure shower head.

Promising review:

Our house water pressure isn’t very high, and before switching to this showerhead we could barely take a proper shower, it felt more like we were holding a hose than a shower. After installing the Newentor Shower Head we were mesmerized, the thought of having to call a plumber to fix the pressure issue was immediately discarded. The Newentor works perfectly and makes excellent use of our water pressure. We haven’t even tried the spray massage and the other modes yet and we’re 100% satisfied with it. — Helder Goncalves

11. Make washing hands more hygienic with a touchless soap dispenser.

Promising review:

Fast delivery. Item as described. Very massive built. Good quality. Easy to install. Set up of pump and amount of soap easy done with just pressing a button. 6 AA batteries (not included in the package) are necessary to work the pump. The sensor reacts very quickly and accurately. The amount of soap is well applied. How long the battery lasts is not known to me at the moment — Holger Fichtner

12. Make your bathroom more safe with handles.

Promising review:

Adjust each endplate accordingly to ensure that the drill holes don’t align under the bar but instead on either side of it, otherwise you going to have difficulty securing the screws. Other than that, relatively easy to install however, only one small problem was encountered with one of the screws having to be replaced due to a manufacturing fault. We are both happy with the product and would recommend it. — Mrs M M Jones

13. Shine bright like a diamond with a LED Illuminated mirror.

Promising review:

Love my new mirror! Was a bit worried about someone’s comment about constant buzzing, but haven’t noticed anything like it (sleep with the ensuite door open).
No complaints about installation from my fitter and it looks great, at a bargain price too. — Rolan

Looks great and is so bright!! Really easy to fit and has a HUGE length cable — we cut a small hole in the back to feed the cable back through to it sat flush. Get lots of compliments on it. — Ellyy

14. Stop slipping in the bathroom with this mat.

Promising review:

I’ve been looking for an extra-long bath mat for ages so that my bath is protected when I bathe my dogs and finally I’ve found something that does the job. The bath mat itself is really good quality and allows the bathwater to drain easily. I especially like the way the bath mat curves to allow room for the plug at the end. — Ben M.

15. Organize all your bath staff in one place.

Promising reviews:

These are perfect for the shower. I found them a little bit tricky to fit — I found clipping them in took a few attempts but not too hard. They look good and have stuck to the glass and tiles. I like how you can choose the height. — C. Law

It’s sturdy good quality and easy to attach. You also get extra fixtures to attach to tiles or a wall — julie a day

Which of these gadgets would you like to take as a helper for your morning routine?

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

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