15 Bizarre Things People Found and Asked the Internet to Identify

9 months ago

Thanks to the Internet, we can find answers to almost any question that puzzles us in our lives. Even if we encounter something mysterious or unfamiliar, we don’t have to remain clueless for long; we can simply ask the online experts. Check out these curious items that users have discovered in their pockets. You will be amazed by what these strange gadgets are.

“I was cutting my watermelon and was confused when I saw this. Does anyone know what it is?”

  • That happens when it is stressed during growing. Likely due to drought, the fruit got messed up inside. It’s technically edible, but likely doesn’t taste very good. © Unknown author / Reddit

“I found this metal object. No text or numbers.”

“Was cleaning out a house and came across this. The little cup at the top swings back and forth. Says it’s from Japan.”

  • It’s a bridal cup. It represents the start of a lifelong union between man and woman and is a symbol of faithfulness and good luck. The small swiveling cup and inverted hollow dress were designed to allow both bride and groom to drink simultaneously to toast their wedding. © Real_Consequence1240 / Reddit

“Found this in our donation bin, we’re a nonprofit, we recycle eyeglasses and hearing aids. What is this?”

  • It’s an old-style hearing aid and honestly quite a collectible-looking piece. Look into any specialist museums or collections when you’re deciding what to do with it!! © Unknown author / Reddit
  • My grandmother’s hearing aid microphone (1960s) looked something like this. © mjv808043 / Reddit

“What is this sculpted ceramic dish used for? Those are small holes in the lemons.”

“What are these strange capsules found in the Alps?”

  • They use gas and noise to knock loose snow down the mountain to prevent build-up and avalanches that are dangerous for drivers and skiers. © failtuna / Reddit

“What are these smaller doors inside our hotel bathroom door?”

  • We have friends in the French countryside with kids, pets, and no AC. They use their “dutch” doors to keep kids and pets out of/in specific rooms while still being able to hear them/communicate with/keep an eye on them, and for ventilation. © carhole / Reddit

“What is this thing? We received this in a goodie bag but have no idea what it’s supposed to be used for.”

“What is this object I found on a beach?”

“What is this? A little door by the toilet with a spoon-shaped device attached to a hinge. It’s in an older house from 1938.”

  • It’s a toilet paper dispenser. Not all were made on rolls back then. The spoon-shaped thing would rest on a stack of tissues to hold them down. © pethoviejo / Reddit

“Bought an old house, found this in a cupboard untouched from the 1960s today. What is it?”

  • Looks like a nose with an attached mustache from the joke shop to me, minus the elastic. The hole was for connecting to the plastic glasses it came with. © steveshaw999 / Reddit

“Guy wearing this ankle thing...what is this thing?”

“What is this tiny door on my wall below the window? 1926 apartment building.”

“What is this padded satin item with ribbon ties and a hole in the middle? Found in my grandmother’s things.”

  • This would turn something like a smooth wooden hanger into one of those hangers with a satin finish/top to prevent light items like slips or lingerie from slipping off the hanger. © HelenAngel / Reddit
  • I tried it out and it seems very plausible!! © ellanaKG / Reddit

“What is this small plastic pouch with red gel and a metal disc inside?”

Sometimes, we come across strange things that make us curious and eager to find out what they are used for. Share with us the unusual objects you possess, and we will try to solve the mystery of their function.

Preview photo credit ellanaKG / Reddit


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