15 Bright Siders Show Kids’ Drawings That Deserve a Place in the Gallery of Funny Arts

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3 years ago

We believe that children’s drawings should receive special status in the art world. First of all, we’ve all tried this and kept our masterpieces at home. Secondly, these drawings are hilarious and definitely deserve attention.

Bright Side readers know this and are sharing pictures created by kids. We suggest looking at them to boost your mood.

1. “This is what I look like to my son!”

2. “This is me at Christmas. I wonder what I got? I look extra happy!”

3. Mona Lisa has changed.

4. “For the record, I do not look like this.”

5. “Me drawn by my son with his sis watching TV in the living room”

6. Vandalism is bad but creativity is awesome!

7. How did a shark get into the pool?

8. “’It’s you and me when I was a teeny tiny baby!’ said my wonderful child.”

9. “My older daughter was asked to draw a picture of a family member doing something heroic.”

10. “My son made this portrait of me for Mother’s Day. For some reason, my mouth is sewn shut.”

11. “This is a family pic!”

12. “My daughter and me — she drew my nails looong.”

13. “My daughter drew this. She titled it, ’Skunk Farting on Flowers.’”

14. “I look beautiful in my 3-year-old’s portrait with green cheeks and a bald head.”

15. “The words say: ’Please don’t eat me because I will kick you,’ the turkey said to the farmer.”

Has your kid ever drawn you something funny? What was it? Show their drawings in the comments.

Preview photo credit Uzma Khan / Facebook


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From now on I'm taking pictures of my son's drawing to share them here


Some of these are pretty adorable and funny at the same time lol


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