15 Celebs Recreated Iconic Red Carpet Looks and We Were Stunned by the Results

2 years ago

Paying homage to the most iconic celebrities is a great way of displaying elegance. Not only that, but taking a beautiful gown and adding your own twist to it shows creativity and uniqueness. Some celebrities recreated their favorite outfits to a tee, or even wore the exact same one.

These recreations left us at Bright Side wanting to see even more, which is definitely a great sign.

1. Trinity K. Bone’t recreating Ariana Grande’s iconic dress.

2. Chloe Bailey taking inspiration from Marilyn Monroe

3. Katy Perry and Riff Raff embodying Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

4. Zendaya recreating a dress worn by Cher

5. Emily Blunt recreating Hedy Lamarr’s dress

6. Kendall Jenner’s modern spin on Audrey Hepburn’s dress.

7. Billie Eilish taking inspiration from Marilyn Monroe

8. Elliot Page paying homage to Oscar Wilde, by wearing a single flower on a tux.

9. Kaia Gerber referencing Bianca Jagger’s dress

10. Dua Lipa taking inspiration from Cher

11. Madison Beer wearing the same dress Beyoncé did.

12. Yara Shahidi recreating Josephine Baker’s dress

13. Jennifer Hudson paying homage to Aretha Franklin

14. Gemma Chan recreating a dress Anna May Wong wore

15. Eiza González embodying Rita Hayworth

Whose iconic outfit would you recreate if you were on a red carpet?


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