15 Internet Users Shared Some of the Corniest Riddles That Might Make You Miss Your Bus Stop

4 years ago

We have to solve a lot of problems in school, at college, and even at work. And most of us would never say that doing this brings us pleasure. So we decided to change the rules and found some interesting riddles that are fun and exciting.

We at Bright Side would like to show you 15 riddles. Some internet users have already solved them and you can also give them a try. Don’t forget to share these riddles with others who like to tease their brains.



What has 4 letters, occasionally has 12 letters, always has 6 letters, but never has 5 letters. © aap03102 / Twitter


Lose me once I'll come back stronger, lose me twice I'll leave forever, what am I? © unknowengt / Reddit

4. Find a word


If you throw me out the window, you'll leave a grieving wife. But leave me in the middle of the door, And you might just save a life. What am I? © BanAllPineapples / Reddit


As a stone inside a tree, I'll help your words outlive thee. But if you push me as I stand, the more I move the less I am. © JohnnyJinx / Reddit



A man is alone in his house washing dishes. When he looks down, there are more glasses in the sink than there were before. How? © TheEnder36 / Reddit


What is a fruit that you can take away the first letter of and it becomes a crime, you can take away the first 2 letters and it becomes an animal, and when you take away the first and last letters it becomes a form of music? © niggy-bros / Reddit



A plane crashed and every single person onboard died. However there were 2 survivors. How is this possible? © SomeoneStopMePlease / Reddit


To some it means 1009. To others it means to combine. © stephensneed / Reddit



Jack and Jill are lying dead on the floor, shards of glass and puddles of water lie around them, and the cat is smiling. Why? © KalootTheBodies / Reddit



  1. It’s the game Rock Paper Scissors where fingers form a rock, paper, or scissors. The number shows the fingers that you hold up.
  2. “What” — 4 letters, “Occasionally” — 12 letters, “Always” — 6 letters, “Never” — 5 letters.
  3. A tooth.
  4. Multitasking (Multi-task-in-g).
  5. The letter “n”.
  6. A pencil.
  8. His glasses fell into the sink when he looked down.
  9. A grape.
  10. B is the right answer since “0” and “4” written in the singular not the plural.
  11. The 2 survivors were a couple.
  12. Mix means combine and in Roman numerals “M” = 1000 and “IX” = 9.
  13. The second answer is correct. Look at the letters in the columns, they all have something common. The letters in the first column have double vertical lines, in the second column they have one horizontal line. The letters in the third column have no lines so “S” fits perfectly.
  14. Jack and Jill are fish.
  15. It’s a woman who is knocking on the door.

How many right answers did you get? Do you know any other interesting riddles? Let's discuss them in the comments.

Preview photo credit Thatguy1783 / Reddit


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