15+ Objects That Were Designed to Drive Us Crazy

year ago

A well-designed object should be aesthetically pleasing but also functional. However, now and then, we come across unusable everyday items that boast impractical shapes or unrealistic sizes. And even though we usually get annoyed or frustrated by these strange designs, we can, instead, choose to view them as precious belongings, as their eccentricity is guaranteed to encourage laughter and curiosity whenever we show them to our friends.

1. The unusable mug

2. ’’I see your college and work toilet paper, and I raise you my community college half-ply paper.’’

3. “My pan’s handle is too heavy for it to stay flush with the stovetop.”

4. “This outlet at my college”

5. Same length for 4 fingers

6. “This bowl my friend’s dinner came in”

7. “These jeans/sweatpants my grandma bought our son for Christmas”

8. “I bought a pair of scissors. I still need a pair of scissors.”

9. “The basement entrance of our house — I’m 5’8”."

10. “We had to stop... We kept mixing up our pieces.”

11. “My hammer after I tried to pull out a nail”

12. “I just bought a new pack of rulers.”

13. “Our school has fantastic fans.”

14. “Women’s jeans, I want the rest of my pocket...”

15. “The impossible beauty standards of dolls”

16. Bike lane!

Do you own any strangely designed objects that, despite being totally unusable, hold a special place in your heart?


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