15+ Oddly Satisfying Pics That Can Please Your Eye With Neatness

2 years ago

Perfectly aligned goods on a shelf in a supermarket, smooth and perfect candy, or even people who match the environment — we feel warm and fuzzy inside every time we look at random things that happen to look perfect. The good news is we can prolong this feeling thanks to people who capture these lucky moments on camera.

Bright Side found 18 pics with this soothing effect that might calm you down better than a cup of tea with cookies.

1. My boyfriend’s new shirt matches his tattoo perfectly.

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2. The way the lines match up

3. Gibson and Schecter guitar headstocks fit like a glove.

4. “Saw this shopping tonight. Someone had a lot of time!”

5. “A fun geometric painting I’ve been working on recently”

6. “Any smaller and my stroopwafel wouldn’t fit atop my coffee, but if it was any bigger, it wouldn’t evenly heat.”

7. Dragon scale alocasia’s leaves look and feel just like leather.

8. My omelette au fromage accidentally fits my plate."

9. “Someone at my local grocery store has skills.”

10. “The way my Xbox One S controller fits into my Beats Solo 2s in this case”

11. “The way my pancake fits the plate”

12. The satisfying colors of these chocolates

13. “How perfectly our cereal boxes fit in this shelf in our dorm”

14. A comfortable spot to take a nap

15. Seems like the characters in the book might be a little 2-dimensional.

16. The way these wires flow

17. The process of a penny floor

18. “So I was given a job to do. Here is my progress.”

Do you enjoy perfectly organized things? Have you seen something oddly satisfying recently?

Preview photo credit 5636346 / Imgur


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