15+ People Shared Simple Hacks That Can Change Your Life in a Second

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2 years ago

Sometimes, a little hack can change your day for the best. From saving you time in the morning to saving you money on decorating your home, anything that can help make things better is welcome. Even simple things, like enjoying your chips without having to struggle to reach into the container and make a mess, can make life a little easier.

Bright Side wants you to discover some of the best life hacks people shared on the Internet to improve their daily lives with small but meaningful changes.

1. “If you need drink coasters, go to your local big box hardware store and grab some flooring samples.”

2. “No more struggling to fit your hand in the container!”

3. “Put a 3M hanger upside down to keep the trash bag in place.”

4. “Want to store some cake in a container? Flip a Tupperware upside down and use the lid as the bottom.”

5. “My mom bought a CD rack for her ramen.”

6. “When you lose power, you can use empty translucent milk/water jugs to dramatically improve the light output from a flashlight.”

7. “This is how I let my toast cool so one side doesn’t get soggy.”

8. “In a public bathroom, keep your purse off the floor by putting a strap through the handle and balancing the purse with its own strap!”

9. “I have a small kitchen, so this was my solution.”

10. With this trick, you won’t have issues carrying your bags.

11. “Just your ordinary shoe organizer”

12. “Use your spring-loaded salad tongs to keep your reusable bags open as they dry.”

13. “When traveling, always keep your shampoos in a zip lock bag for this reason.”

14. “My wife just taught me that if I use a cheese grater on a cold stick of butter, it’s easier to spread on toast and muffins.”

15. “A travel pillow helps you lay down with headphones.”

16. “Fit more wings in the oven and get better results.”

“I was able to fit 2 large packets of hot wings into a medium-sized oven dish by using wooden skewers to hold up the wings vertically. Once cooked, they are crispy and perfect.”

17. “Keep a $20 in your phone in case of emergencies or exceptional customer service.”

18. This keeps open bananas good for longer.

What are the tricks you use on a daily basis that not many people know about?

Preview photo credit byebyebyecycle / Reddit


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