15 People Who Prove You Should Embrace Your Unique Body Traits

10 months ago

Our bodies are beautifully unique, with their stories told through every curve, freckle, and scar. Some people are just born special, and their parents, friends, and loved ones are the most incredible beings in the world. They know how to enjoy life and cherish every incredible moment it brings fully.

1. “I was born with different colored eyelashes but the same colored eyes.”

2. “I have a multi-colored iris. I’m really happy I was born with something that special!”

3. “My little sister was born with 6 fingers.”

4. “My baby’s birth mark looks like an arrow.”

5. “With that mark on her eye, she looks like a chosen warrior princess.”

6. “My cute kid”

7. “My 6-month-old son was born with Microphthalmia and has glasses. His Halloween costume was an easy decision.”

8. A mother painted on a replica of her son’s birthmark because she wanted him to feel like a ’normal baby’ - and she even kept it on at work.

9. “My left big toe is way bigger than my right one.”

10. “My daughter was born with heterochromia (one blue eye, one brown)”

11. “I was excited for my incisor adult teeth to grow in. 12 years later and I’m still waiting. At least I can make a beaver face.”

12. “My right hand, Poland syndrome”

13. “I was born with very short fingers.”

14. “I got a new eyeball!”

15. “I was born with dark lines on most of my nails.”

Everyone has things they appreciate and may not feel as confident about when it comes to themselves. But in the end, every person is genuinely stunning in their way. Our individuality and unique qualities make us all beautiful.


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