15+ People Who Proved You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune to Wear Famous Brands

2 years ago

Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Chanel, Gucci... These brands sound fancy and expensive, but you can actually buy them for as cheap as just a few dollars. The heroes of our article know this for sure, because they managed to find clothes and accessories from luxury brands in thrift stores at more than affordable prices.

We at Bright Side had no idea you could find that many famous brands in thrift stores before we saw what gems these 17 Redditors thrifted.

1. “I saw this gorgeous suit for $15 and it’s Dior!”

2. “$5.99! My jaw dropped!”

3. “I could not believe my luck yesterday! A Gunne Sax dress at my local thrift for $6!”

4. “Rag & Bone leather boots for $10 and they retail for $475.”

5. “I’ve always dreamed of having a Needle & Thread dress, and today my dream came true for only $5.25!”

6. “Found this beautiful gold Victoria’s Secret slip for $3!”

7. “I had to have these, that were only $12.79 + tax. They fit me pretty well and turns out they’re designer shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti.”

8. Someone was lucky enough to thrift this Christian Dior dress for only $15!

9. “Found $128 Free People sweater with a dark stain for $15! I covered it up with dip dye, new favorite sweater!”

10. “I have reached my personal pinnacle of thrifting. Just scooped a Balenciaga silk mini dress for $7!”

11. “$8 Chanel? Yes, please.”

12. “A Gucci dress for $50!”

13.“My little catch! Tory Burch shoes for $65.”

14. “It’s a sweater/down jacket combo by Moncler. For $5 I’d say it was a steal.”

15. “1970s Gunne Sax dress! $10 find!”

16. “Snagged this gorgeous silk Salvatore Ferragamo scarf for $1.99 today! I’m so pleased!”

17. “Found this authentic, vintage (1993) Louis Vuitton bag at a local thrift store. Only paid $11.99!”

Do you like thrift hunting? Have you ever thrifted anything that you’d call “the luckiest find ever”?


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