15 People Who Remain Young at Heart Despite Their Age

4 years ago

They say that age is just a number, and many men and women take that proverb as a call to action! After all, there are many benefits to getting older: you tend to sweat less and get less stressed; added to that, in many cultures, plenty of older people have nothing but free time. In other words, they have every reason to take on the world.

We at Bright Side are glad to know it’s never too late to start your life and so we’re celebrating the men and women who take “act your age” with a grain of salt.

1. Greta Pontarelli, 68, is a world pole art masters champion... and she looks great!

2. Grey Gunners are Finland’s first professional senior CS:GO team.

3. Japan’s DJ Sumirock, 84, is making dumplings by day and dropping sick beats by night. She’s also a Guinness World Record breaker.

4. Swimming the English Channel is already an event, but Roger Allsopp did it at the age of 70.

5. When looking at Anthony Varrecchia, 56, 2 words come to mind: “silver” and “fox.”

6. Annabel Davis is a former police officer who became a model at the age of 60, proving it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

7. Meet Ruth Flowers, 68... she’s been a DJ around the world and played on nearly every continent.

8. Annette Larkins is a vegan advocate whose healthy lifestyle lets her rock jean shorts past 60.

9. Doris Long, 85, also known as “Daring Doris,” proves that you are never too old to climb buildings.

10. Tziporah Salamon, 69, is a fashion icon, designer, and model that proves style is eternal.

11. Charles Eugster started a fitness program at age 85 and won over 100 fitness awards.

12. Elizabeth Cameron Dalman, 82, is one of Australia’s top dancers. Here she is at the Tsai Jui-yueh Dance Festival VI in Taipei.

13. Gao Minyuan took up sports after turning 67 and he’s completely self-taught.

14. T.R. Pescod, 53, is a designer, model, and actor... and looks pretty good to boot!

15. Chuando Tan, 50, is Singapore’s answer to Dorian Gray.

Do you know of any men or women who are only as old as they feel? Do you plan on using any of these men and women as role models? Let us know!


What do you mean Annette Larkins is 60??
She looks so stunning, I would say she is like 35 ?
That's the best promotion of a healthy lifestyle I have ever seen :)
What gorgeous people they are!
Anthony Varrecchia is an example of a man I want to look like when I get old!
What a cool guy

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