15 People Who Turned Their Scars Into Beautiful Tattoos, Thanks to This Vietnamese Artist

2 months ago

In Vietnam, tattoo artist Ngoc Like uses her talent to help people conceal scars and marks with beautiful tattoos, helping them regain confidence and feel better about their bodies. Inside, you can check out some of her awesome work and read our exclusive interview with her.

Ngoc Like started her path to becoming a professional designer in college, setting the stage for her artistic career.

During college, Ngoc Like received training as a professional designer. She realized that artistic talent alone wouldn’t suffice to conceal various types of scars, so she delved into extensive research. Ngoc believes each scar has unique characteristics and properties, emphasizing the need for thorough research to achieve the best possible scar cover-up.

Ngoc Like strongly believes in not only enhancing the beauty of her clients but also safeguarding their health. She tailors her tattoo designs to align with the client’s desires, preferences, and the unique layout of their scars, all while reflecting their personality. For Ngoc, achieving perfection isn’t the ultimate aim; instead, she prioritizes turning flaws into strengths and advantages.

Over a decade in the tattooing industry, Ngoc Like has not only honed her craft but also confronted and battled against prejudice.

Ngoc Like has dedicated nearly a decade to her work, and she faces prevailing prejudices against tattooing in her country. Many still adhere to outdated beliefs that view tattooing as an illegitimate profession associated with societal ills. As a result, overcoming these deeply rooted biases and confronting family and societal pressures is an inevitable part of her journey.

Yet, the presence of imperfections often causes people to feel ashamed and discontent, igniting their motivation for change. Numerous customers have approached Like, confessing that they had never considered getting a tattoo due to the negative associations from the past.

However, after witnessing her transformative work and understanding her mission, they decided to take a leap of faith and place their trust in her.

She has clients from all over the country.

A significant portion of Ngoc Like’s clientele consists of individuals in their fifties to early nineties. According to her, these customers are exceptionally polite and delightful, hailing from various regions nationwide. She frequently engages in conversations with them to share her insights from their rich life experiences and listen to their fascinating stories.

Ngoc Like is just beginning her journey and has ambitious plans for the future.

Ngoc Like has been working on expanding her business and improving her craft. She’s taken steps to achieve this by creating a YouTube channel called “Ngoc Like Tattoo,” where she aims to promote the message of self-love through daily care for both the body and mind.

In addition to her creative pursuits, Ngoc Like aspires to reshape society’s perception of her chosen career. Furthermore, she envisions expanding her horizons by shortly embarking on business trips to various cities worldwide.

Above all, Ngoc Like considers aiding her clients in overcoming their insecurities her paramount objective and purpose.

When inquired about her clients’ reactions upon completing their tattoos, Ngoc Like describes it as an emotional moment. She explains that it’s akin to a weight being lifted off their shoulders, and their long-held obsessions finally fading away.

Numerous individuals reach out to her, expressing that they feel like they’ve been reborn, shedding feelings of inferiority, and instead, they now feel whole, self-assured, and radiant. Witnessing their newfound happiness is the most meaningful and gratifying gift for her.

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