14 People Whose Faces Don’t Match With Their Age

10 months ago

It’s not just genes that people have to thank for their ability to not show their age, but it’s also their lifestyle. People who live stress-free lives tend to age slower than others who are dipped in stressful situations. Whatever the case is, it’s always fun to try and guess somebody’s age and then find out how wrong our guess is.

Bright Side can’t believe that some people look so much different than their real age, and we think you will be amazed as well.

1. “The greatest picture of me: 7 or 43 with a mortgage, an ex-husband, and 5 cats?”

2. “22 M, they said my haircut was bad.”

3. “Man, you look 30.”

  • Me, at age 17, the first time I let my beard properly grow.

4. “I’m guessing this guy is 21 or 22.”

5. “I’d definitely say university range, ~20-24.”

6. “My husband. He’s 28. He always gets carded and has had his ID taken or cut in half multiple times because people think it’s fake.”

7. “I’m not that old or young but just curious how old do you think I am?”

8. “My brother asked me to guess his age and I said 42.”

9. “Thoughts on the beard?”

10. “I can’t tell if you’re a 13-year-old boy or 30-year-old woman.”

11. “If I had to guess her age, I’d go with 23 at the most.”

12. “You do look 13.”

13. “I bet you still get carded.”

  • I’ll be 30 this year, and I’m excited.

14. “My first guess was 20.”

Do you know anyone who looks either older or younger than their actual age?

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