15 People Whose Life Just Doesn’t Get Boring

2 years ago

Scientists found that people around age 22 may be less likely than those in their late teens to get bored. A possible reason is that the frontal cortex (the part of the brain responsible for self-control) is in the final stages of maturing. However, life sometimes decides that no matter your age it will throw you such spectacular curveballs that it will be physically impossible for you to get bored.

Bright Side wants to show 15 people to you that got a serious reminder that life is exhilarating and exciting and little surprises are waiting around every corner.

1. What are you going to do if you are a deliveryman and you see this?

2. “My dad asked me if I wanted an egg sandwich. I’m not even mad, this is genius!”

3. “I’m very patiently waiting for my fiancé to wake up so I can find out why there is a bite mark in the butter...”

4. “Parents got snowed in at the lake house. Mom sent me this and said, “your father and his friend are out of control.”

5. “My neighbor ‘allegedly’ refused to pay the guy who cleared his back yard. He’ll be coming home to this gift left in his driveway.”

6. “My Jeep had 222,222 miles on 2/2/22.”

7. “We made an igloo in chilly Minnesota.”

8. “Mom’s optometrist is wearing Pokémon socks.”

9. “Box of Pringles + bored engineer”

10. “My drain was blocked so I pulled it up and a frog came out.”

11. “Saw this snow castle in someone’s front yard.”

12. “Toasting some sesame seeds and when I stopped swirling the pan, Pac-Man appeared.”

13. “The way the smoke created a near-perfect picture of a polar bear on the lid of my grill.”

14. “A moose hanging out on my patio.”

15. “This fish frozen in a pond.”

Have you recently encountered anything spectacular in your life? Tell us about it.

Preview photo credit infinaflip / Reddit


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