18 People Who Do Their Makeup With an Unmatchable Talent

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Everyone is aware of the way beautiful makeup can change things. Highlighting brows, curling eyelashes, making lips brighter — this ritual is done not only to enhance one’s beauty but also to increase their mood, calm them down before an important meeting, or simply to take a rest from routine things while sitting in front of a mirror.

“I finally got a wig to give me more confidence when doing guy makeup looks”

“People compliment how ‘flawless’ my skin is. Meanwhile...”

“I think I’ve perfected the natural no makeup look.”

“Please excuse my tired face!”

“First attempt at butterfly liner! Definitely uneven because I have no patience.”

“Created this look being in a creative funk.”

“Sometimes I forget how good purple shadow looks on brown/hazel eyes.”

“A makeup look inspired by Britney”

“Holi (Indian festival of colors) inspired makeup look”

“Tried a butterfly look!”

“Burgundy and gold desi wedding guest makeup”

“Post-breakup makeover look”

“Symmetry is hard but I’m feeling magical.”

“I’ve watched pretty much every tutorial on YouTube.”

“Feeling like a bag of Skittles.”

“My wedding makeup”

“Wore this to the mall.”

“Colorful eyeshadow and blush because it’s finally over 50 degrees outside.”

“Any other WandaVision fans??? Might be one of my favorite ones I’ve done.”

Do you do your own makeup or do you prefer to use the services of professionals?

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit generictrash** / Reddit


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